The Basketball Shark

You wouldn’t know by looking at me that I am an extremely good basketball player, would you? If you were a man, you would first think that I look quite sexy. Me being a good basketball player would be the furthest thing from your mind.


That’s part of my trick. I make a lot of money hustling guys one on one in basketball.

After playing by myself for about 10 to 20 minutes, invariably some guy would ask to play with me and we would play a bit.

Usually after a while he will ask if we should play for money. That’s normal here in the court. If they don’t ask, then I will ask.


“Sorry, I don’t have money in these clothes” I would say and every brilliant guy would get the same brilliant idea.

“We could just play strip basketball. If you win, you get the money. But if I win, you lose your top.”

That’s what happened this time as well.

Now you may think I would then turn around and win on this poor guy and get some easy money. No, that’s not how a shark works. I let him win! Of course, I then lose my top, but he gains dangerous confidence.


Next I bet my shorts …

… and we bet 4 times as much as we did originally.

This is usually when I decide to win the game and then walk away with a nice sum.

However, in this case, I could tell this guy had a lot of money, so I decided up lose again and get him even deeper into the game!

After losing again, I did as promised and kicked my shorts off.


By now every guy I play against is horny and cannot think straight. I bet 20 times more against him fucking me right here in the park.

Too good to pass up, after he already won twice. Of course he takes the bet!

I do a little better and score a goal this time – and this is when I would usually as a last resort finally do my best and win the whole game, getting back 20 times of the original bet!


But this time I decided against it!

I decided to lose yet again! I could tell he was very, very rich and I was going to make him considerably less rich.

We finished the game and he won.

“OK” I said, acting as if I was beaten. “You got me”

Then I gave my proposal. “OK, for 100 times the original bet, you can fuck me 5 times, whenever you want, just call me”

“Uh oh, stop, first you have to pay up.” he said “just like before you took off your clothes before betting again. It’s time to pay”

Oh shit, I wasn’t going to get out of that one … I acted quickly and got down on the blanket and horny as he was, he started fucking me.


He didn’t spend much time on foreplay. Just fucking me right in the cunt.

Of course, we hadn’t agreed on any details, but I thought he would be a gentleman and not cum in me. Well, I was wrong.

He pushed harder and harder and as he was cumming he held me tight and pumped every last drop into me.


He got up and got dressed. I grabbed the ball and got back on the court.


Now with cum dripping from my pussy, I had a bit of a handicap, but I was still sure I could beat him if I actually tried.

“So we play again” I said “This time for 100 times the original amount! And you get 5 fucks you can cash in on any time”

That’s when he figured out he was being conned and said “Nah, I’m good”

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