The best selling realtor

“Come on, tell me!” the young trainee said, nagging Clara to reveal her secrets. “Tell me – you are the consistently best selling realtor for the company every year – there must be some sort of secret!”

Clara smiled. “There certainly is!” Clara said “But are you ready for it?”

“YES!” the trainee yelled, hearing the first hint of a suggestion that Clara might tell her. “What will you do for me if I tell you?" Clara asked. The trainee didn’t know what to say. She didn’t really have much to trade with.

“I’ll share the commission of my first sale with me … my first THREE sales” the trainee topped her own offer. Clara was happy. “You got it!” she said and started explaining.

The first step is to make sure you’re sexily clad – like so.


A short dress and a cleavage will do.

“Does it have to be pink?” the trainee asked. “Stop interrupting” Clara said back angrily “If it had to be pink, I would tell you – just dress sexy, the color is not important”.

The trainee was happy with the response and let Clara continue.

Invite your potential buyers (or “buyers” as I usually call them) into the house and show them around. Now, you have very limited time to show the house, some times down to 10 minutes, so you have to be a little forward with them. Ask them whether they want to feel the fabric of your dress and guide their hands to the dress that holds your breasts.


This works best if you’re not wearing a bra.

“And this little trick is what will make the sale for you?” the trainee asked. Clara snapped at her. “No! And stop asking, let me explain to you what happens next”.

“But what do I do if they start really grabbing at my breasts?” the trainee asked. This gave Clara an opportunity to continue her explanation.

That will in fact happen, 9 out of 10 times. They will take your invitation and assume it means they can move forward even more. Now, it’s important that you let them do so. They may for example lower your dress and grab your breasts.

This is where you can tell them to feel ‘right at home’ and indicate to them that part of feeling right at home, is to be comfortable enough to undress.


Now, once they’re naked – and they WILL be naked if you did what I said, you should not ignore them and leave them in an awkward situation. Take their penises in your hands and caress them. Let them know that you care.

“And …” the trainee said and then cut herself off, remembering that she was not supposed to interrupt. What she wondered was of course whether this was in fact the key to making the sale or not. However, to avoid Clara’s wrath, the trainee kept her mouth shut and let Clara continue.

You can only make naked men comfortable around you for so long, without also getting naked yourself. That’s why the next step is to get naked.


“They will appreciate that gesture, I guess” it slipped out of the trainees mouth. “Sorry”.

“That’s exactly right! It’s a nice gesture, isn’t it. It’s the most obvious type of empathy. You’re naked, so am I. Empathy.

The trainee was not sure Clara fully understood the meaning of that word, but did understand what the course of action was. However, she was not sure she was liking where this was going.

At this point, there is really just one direction where this can go Clara explained, just as the trainee had expected. Make yourself comfortable, and you will be amazed at how easily the buyers will know what to do. They will fuck you.

Thanks for elaborating, the trainee thought to herself sarcastically.


And if there are two buyers, which there most often are, make sure you service both of them at the same time or one of them might get bored.

This can be done by blowing one guy while the other one fucks you, but you can also train yourself to be capable of taking one up the ass, while the other one fucks you in your pussy. The advantage of that, is that you can have both of them cum in you, possibly at the same time, if you’re really good.


After they cum in you, they will lose interest in fucking you and you should get dressed again and make sure they do not leave before you get a chance to talk to them.

Now, what you ask them now is perhaps the most important part. You must ask them, at which price they are willing to buy the house – and here’s the kicker: Whatever amount the say, you must set the price of the house to that or something lower. I am getting great results from this tactic, this is how I become the number one realtor of the company, year after year.

“But…” the trainee said and then stopped. But Clara didn’t seem to mind her interruption. “Can I ask you something?” the trainee asked. “Sure, this is it, this is all there is to it, ask away.”.

The trainee continued. “But couldn’t I just ask them what price they will pay right after I show them the house, without having them fuck me and cum in me”.

Clara nodded slowly and said “I guess you could, that should work too – I’ve never thought of it that way!”

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