The competitive edge

This is me at the tennis court. Look at me. What’s the first thing you think?

Well, if you know anything about tennis, you will think that I would desperately need a sports bra for my big tits, or they would fall out all the time. So if that’s what you think, you’re right.


So what’s going on? Why am I at the tennis court dressed like this? That will all become very clear to you in a few minutes.

I am currently getting a tennis lesson by a pro.


It’s extremely common for pro’s to work with tennis lessons as well as playing professionally. It gives them a chance to earn a bit extra cash doing what they love. Let me tell you right now, that this is not the first time I’ve received training from a tennis pro. But it the first time with this one.

After a few training shots, I usually decide that it’s way too hot to wear a top and I casually take it off and watch the pro’s reaction.


I am pretty satisfied with my tits, so I’m comfortable about showing them off in public. However, this is not as public as it looks. The court is pretty secluded and there are no people around.

Enough already – why am I doing this, you wonder? What’s happening? Well, let me explain. My husband is a pro and he is making a lot of money on this – because he wins. He wins over my tennis trainers.

Let me tell you a little secret. He wouldn’t win as much as he does without me. It’s common knowledge that your athletic performance goes down if you’ve had sex recently. I am not sure why, but this is the fact that I am using to give my husband a competitive edge.

When I show my big tits, it’s sure every time – the pro is seduced and gives me the opportunity to fuck his brains out. And with his brains out, my husband wins the game!


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