The cool girl in school

Elissa was the coolest girl in school. She could not say no to a challenge, so the other girls always challenged her to do stupid stuff and she would usually do it.

That’s how she ended up in the principals office today, as she had so many times before.


This time she had taken off her bra in the middle of class, because one of the guys said she wouldn’t dare to do it. “Why are you always making trouble?” the principal asked Elissa. A question she had never been asked by the principal before. Usually she would just get off with a warning and then leave.

Elissa thought about it. She was not actually that aware of that she was under the power of her class mates. She just felt she was cool and that she didn’t take any shit. She was cooler than most, she felt, and she was probably right.

“Can’t I just leave now” Elissa said and got up, but the principal grabbed her arm.


“No, we need to get to the bottom of this. Why is it you’re making trouble all the time?” the principal asked again.

Elissa told that she wouldn’t take any shit and that she didn’t want the others to think she was scared or a wuss.

“I see” the principal said. “Does that mean, for example, that if I dared you right now to take your dress off, you would do it?”

Instead of answering the question, she just did it.


The principal was shocked. This girl was so focused on taking challenges, that it seemed she had no eye for recognizing whether it would actually be something she would be comfortable with.

The principal was of course not happy about this situation, it was certainly not his intention to have a half naked school student in his office, but he also had to take action on this issue, now sooner than later. The principal could imagine how a young girl could become pregnant, if the guys learned how easy it was to manipulate her.

First he had to confirm his theory, though, and challenged her to take her panties off.


She did it and just sat there smiling. Not shy at all. Her cleanly shaven pussy was clearly visible, as she sat with her legs spread.

“Elissa, do you understand that someone might take advantage of you, when you act like this. This is of course a safe environment, but out there, there are a lot of people that would take advantage of a girl like you, given the chance”

I lectured the best I could, but she just said “yeah yeah” and kept chewing her gum. “How far would you go?” I asked.

“What, you think I’m scared of you, old man” she said. She then did what I feared. Well, feared is maybe a bit much, but certainly what I think would be the kind of thing that people would make her do, if they had bad intentions.


Yes, I had confirmed it. She could easily get in trouble. Of course, a little playing around, taking challenges is not dangerous in itself, but if she could get pregnant, that’s a real risk and I would have to take action now.

I decided to start taking action by teaching her a lesson. I did this by cumming in her.


As I did it, I realized my decision making skills might have been temporarily impaired while my cock was inside her. Certainly, the direct logic, that getting her pregnant would teach her a lesson, was valid – but in second thought, maybe not the right approach.

“Do you know you can get pregnant from behaving like this?” I lectured her. “Well, didn’t we just learn about the ‘the morning after’ pill in sex ed the other day” she replied.

“I guess, you’re right – but still, it’s dangerous” I lectured her again “I want you to report to my office every afternoon for a lesson in good morals”


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  1. I always seem to come back to this story quite often and reread it. It just amuses me so much. And it doesn’t hurt that the pictures are pretty nice too.

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