The day a hitchhiker tricked me

I was driving from Dallas to Memphis for a conference. It’s just close enough that the flight isn’t worth it. Just 7 hours on the road. The road goes near the Ouachita National Forest and not much else, so everyone on that stretch is either going to Dallas or Memphis, depending on the direction.

There were many hitch hikers along the road. I had never picked anyone up until today. To be perfectly honest, I only picked her up because she … caught my attention.


I knew of one trick that hitch hikers play, where a hot girl makes a car stop and then some thugs come and rob you. That didn’t happen here. I was on the lookout for it, but nothing happened, she just got in the car.

I expected her to put her shirt back on once she got in the car, but she didn’t. I asked her where she was going, but she just asked back where I was going. I said I was going to Memphis and she just nodded “Sure, that’s fine” as if it didn’t matter much to her.

It seemed to me that she was more interested in showing off her boobs, distracting me from the road, than actually caring about where we were going.


“So what are you doing in Memphis?” she asked, making conversation. I explained they have an international auto show there every year and as I am selling cars in bulk in Tennessee, this is the most important conference of the year. She didn’t really seem interested, as I continued explaining how the different regions are defined and which big purchasers would be at the conference.

Instead she reached over and started fiddling with my pants.


“That was really nice of you to pick me up” she said and smiled, while she rubbed my pants. I tried to play it down and keep my eyes on the road. “No problem, going that way anyway” I said.

She unzipped my pants and started stroking my cock. “Is there any way I can return the favor?” she asked.


She continued like this and I just let it happen while driving. She made some joke about driving stick, but it wasn’t funny or perhaps I wasn’t properly listening.

I noticed my attention to the road started to fade. “This is dangerous” I said and started pulling over in the middle of nowhere. There was a little space behind some trees and I stopped the car there.Whether it was smart or not, I figured I’d let her finish me off and get back on the road.

However, she had something else in mind. She got out of the car and went behind the car and yelled at me. “Can you help me back here?”

“When I got back there, I was surprised to discover that she had dropped her pants and was bottomless, waiting for me. She had opened the trunk and sat on the back with her legs open. “Come and get me”.

I let my pants drop and stuck my cock into her, holding up one of her legs.


She was moaning loudly and exaggerated as I stuck my dick in her. I didn’t understand her games but didn’t care much at this point.

I fucked her and counted myself lucky. “Come on, fuck me” she encouraged me, needlessly.

I increased my pace and gave her a good fucking. She must have heard my sounds change, because she went “Don’t cum in me”. Ahh, so it’s safety first with this girl. Right.


Just as I was about to cum, she pulled away, crouched down and sucked the cum from my cock.

She tried to swallow it, but much of it ended up on her face, tits and thighs.


“Ahh, that was nice.” she said. “I’ll be right back”. She left to the passenger seat. I figured she was getting some tissues. I started getting dressed and was getting back in the car to continue, expecting to find her on the passenger seat waiting for me.

But she was gone, nowhere to be found.

Upon investigating my wallet, I found that my cash was gone. 10 dollars. Who carries cash these days?

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