The descent of Stacey

I know what you’re thinking – I just told you worked as a massage therapist, yeah, a real one, so why am I showing up to work in this outfit.


Well, the reason is quite simple – when I came to work and picked up a uniform, the pants were missing. I couldn’t find any of the regulatory white pants anywhere. Following the strict rules of not wearing anything that is not part of our uniform, I figured the next best thing would be to pretend for a day that the white top is just a short dress.

I knew my client would be facing down anyway and wouldn’t really be looking at me as the top would inevitably ride up while I worked.


However, I was wrong. Just plain wrong. When he turned around I saw what happened. He had a boner. Just that glimpse he got of me before lying down was enough, it got him started thinking and it couldn’t be helped.

I didn’t do anything about it, but I knew that I caused it. Where there is smoke, there is usually a fire.


My boss checked on us just then and saw the same as me and he knew just as well as I did, that I caused this. However, he thought that I did it on purpose and was trying to ruin his business to make a few extra bucks.

You see, as soon as the rumor goes that you are running a rub-n-tug, then that rumor is impossible to shake, so he is right to take it seriously. But I didn’t intend for this, we simply ran out of uniforms. Later on I tried to explain this to him, but for now we had a difficult situation with a customer and a boner, a boss and a massage therapist.

My boss solved it simply by making an excuse and cancelling the session right then and there.

After the client left, my boss called me to his office. “That is of course going out of your paycheck”. The customers paid almost 10 times more for a massage than my hourly salary and this was going to set me back several days.

“But how can I possibly trust that you won’t do this again?” he asked rhetorically, but I answered anyway.

“It was all just a misunderstanding” I said and explained everything.

“I’ll think about it” he said.

He kept me wondering the next day, I didnt get called to work. Had I lost my job? Then he called me and told me to come to his house and he had an idea how we could make it work..

I was trying to guess what he had in mind all day. I had of course my suspicions, but on the other hand, he wasn’t the type to take advantage of his employees. That would ruin his previous reputation as well.

When I got to his house he explained.

“I need to make sure you will never do something like that again.” and explained his plan. He wanted to take a series of lingeri photographies of me and then I had to sign a form saying that if I broke the regulations of his wellness salon, he would be allowed to release the photographs. Basically, it was blackmail, except we agreed to do it so I could keep working for him.


When he said lingeri, I imagined some underwear shots and nothing so revealing as this. My breasts were quite clearly visible through this sheer top.

I noticed later that even the panties were sort of see-through and the whole thing was not ideal at all, but I guess that was the point of it all. With this and our written agreement, he would be able to trust me continuing to work for him.


I just had to make sure to follow the regulations very strictly. I only thought later than even things such as times of attendance were part of the regulations and I would be in violation if I were late or left a bit early.

Anyway, it wasn’t a problem for me. I remembered back that I had in fact never been late.

Several weeks later I was sitting in the street, minding my own business, when my boss drove up to me in his car.


“Hi, there you are” he said and waved me over to the car.


“You were supposed to be at work 30 minutes ago” he said “Linda cancelled and you were supposed to be standby for her, remember?”

“What!?” I looked down on my phone and there it was, a text from Linda, clear as day saying “Can’t make it today”. Damn it.

“No, that was a mistake, I didn’t notice it. She should have called”.

“Don’t blame others for your mistakes” my boss said “the regulations say nothing about calling, just to let your substitute know, which she did, right?”

“Right” I nodded and cried a little.

“Come on, we will figure something out, let’s go to my house and talk it over.”

When we got to his house, he explained that it was partly his fault for not making the incentive big enough. Clearly I didn’t care too much about those tasteful lingeri photos and he said he really didn’t want to release them, but that he needed some nudes of me instead.


Already in the car on the way over there, I was anticipating something like that. Would I let him get some nude shots or have my reputation ruined by those revealing lingeri shots. What would my lacrosse team say.

I undressed as he asked, but I was a little shy, of course.


My boss was starting to sit uneasy in his chair as he was taking pictures of me. He then whipped out his cock right in front of me and pointed to it.

“I think you should show me that you are sorry and you don’t want these pictures and the lingeri pictures to be published, and that you want to follow the regulations of my wellness salon”.

His cock was big. Almost a cliché. But I figured, why not, I was here in front of him naked and that cock did look amazing. I went ahead and showed him some appreciation.


“So then we’re OK now?” I asked while still sucking his cock.

“Tell you what, Stacey, if you fuck me right now, we will figure something out”

I wasn’t half-horny myself and it didn’t take me long to sit on top of him and fuck him dry. My pussy was dripping wet and we were both surprised about how his big cock slit right in.


After we finished fucking we both lied back on the couch for a while and relaxed. “Glad we could settle it” I said to him.

He then said “Well, I wouldn’t call it settled. I said we would figure something out, so I just need to think about how …”

“How … you mean?”

“Yeah, you will hear from me, I promise you, I will let you earn the nude pictures back and also the video of you sucking my cock, I wouldn’t want that to get out anyway, trust me.”

I didn’t have any shifts the next two days, but I noticed I was still getting my paycheck, so I guess I had kept my job so far.

Around 7 PM, my phone rang and it was my boss. “You need to be a hostess at a party I am having tonight” he said. I figured this was part of me earning back the video and my job and rushed to his place.

“Change into this and get ready, the guests are coming in half an hour and I want them to feel entertained. Oh and Stacey, no underwear.”

With so little time before the party started, I hurried into the bathroom, changed into the hostess dress. I noticed it was plenty long to hide the fact I wasn’t wearing underwear, but I noticed a different problem.


“Why are you holding your hands there?” he asked me.

“Well, the dress doesn’t fit” I told him.

“Let me see for a moment. Remove your hands”.


“Oh wow, that looks even better on you than I had hoped. This is fine” he said.

“But … I can’t be hosting a pparty like this. It’s obscene!”

“Women need to be obscene and not heard” my boss said and laughed. “Anyway” he re-assured me “the guests are from out of town, so no one here will be talking about it, they don’t know you and you won’t meet them later”.

I shrugged, went to the kitchen to get some ice ready and then sat in the couch and waited for the guests.


The guests turned out to be two black guys. “Wow, who is that!!?” one of them said “Is that her?”

“You told them about me?” I asked, insecure. “Sure, but don’t worry, they are from out of town, remember”

“I hear you give great blowjobs!” the other guy said. “ The two guys sat down right on either side of me and I was visibly uncomfortable about the situation”

“OK, come with me for a moment” my boss said and I left the couch. He pulled me to the other room and said to me “OK, you want to earn back the video and the nudes?” I nodded

“Alright, then just give them the same treatment you gave me”. I figured a couple of blowjobs and I could be done with this. I went back in and took them by surprise and with great confidence sat down between them and started sucking their cocks.


“Hot damn! And she is not even wearing panties. I’m gonne want to fuck you, girl” a guy said.

I looked up at me boss who was watching – and not filming, by the way – and he reminded me of something. “Yeah, sure, go ahead and fuck her, just like the same treatment she gave me” he said.

Right – that IS the treatment I gave him, wasn’t it.

I got on all fours on the couch and one of them started fucking me while I was sucking the other one off.


At one point I got confused. The guy apparently stopped fucking me and was now putting lubricant on his cock. But it was going fine already. In fact I was almost beginning to miss his cock in there.

Then he started putting lubricant on my ass and just as soon as I understood why, I felt him slowly but persistently, pushing his cock into my ass hole. This was new.


With each push, my ass hole expanded a little more and it hurt, but then it adapted. It still hurt though, and I expected that to stop at every thrust, but it didn’t. His cock was maybe just too large.

I had to do something and I decided the best way to control it was for me to be on top of him.

It did give me a little more control, but it didn’t mean it was less painful.


However, it did result in a surprising distraction. It left my pussy wiide open and available and the other guy accepted the invitation.

He got in front of me and pushed his cock into my pussy, while the other cock was still in my ass.


I could feel the guy under me starting to moan more and as I moved up and down on his cock with my ass, he suddenly started almost yelling as he was cumming in my ass. “Ahhhhhh” he then said.

Meanwhile, the other guy wasn’t done yet. I could feel the cock in my ass getting softer and about to fall out, when the other guy finally started cumming in me. I knew from my boyfriend, that cumming makes men lose interest in fucking and this would all soon be over.

They tipped me over on the couch and I looked down and saw cum oozing from both my ass and pussy.


“This was fun” one guy said and both of them left, by the sound of it to the kitchen to mix drinks. Apparently they had a different idea of what the job of a hostess is and it’s apparently not mixing drinks.

“So we’re done” I said, not as a question, to my boss.

“Yes we are, the nudes and the video is yours. The lingeri shots are still mine, of course, and you still have to follow the regulations.”

That got me thinking – perhaps there was some profession where I could get paid better for what I had just been through – and those lingeri shots could even be promotional!

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