The exchange student – Part 2

Maryam had given me an amazing blowjob by the pool a few weeks ago. We hadn’t met in the mean time but had had lots of online chats.

Maryam> My cousin came to stay with me in the guest house today.
Jake> Oh. That’s nice.
Maryam> She will be here for a couple of months.
Jake> Nice
Maryam> I told her about you. She wants to meet you.

OK, so this is it, I thought to myself. Her cousin is going to make sure that she is not spending too much quality time with boys when she’s supposed to be studying.

I thought ‘why not’ and agreed to come to the guest house and meet both of them at the guest house.


We talked politely for a while, but I could feel something else was going on. “So we’ve been talking about a lot of stuff” Maryam said. “And my cousin is really interested in something. The blowjob”.

I didn’t say anything. Didn’t know what to say.

“Can I?” her cousing then asked. “Can you?” I asked back. I didn’t understand.

“Can I also try a blowjob?” the cousin asked. “Back in our country, we’re not supposed to do that, but Maryam tells me it’s normal here, just like in the movies”.

“Well, yes, quite normal I guess”.

“I can?” the cousin asked. Maryam said “I’ll help”. I nodded “Sure, I guess”. This was going to be special.

They both went topless, just like Maryam had the first time, I guess there were no questions about that part of the procedure.

I sat down, unzipped my pants and they both came to me in a great spirit. The cousing cautiously put my penis in her mouth and tried sucking it. “No blowing, I know, Maryam told me” she said. They both laughed.


After a while of the cousin struggling, Maryam took over. “Just like this” she said and put my penis in her mouth. Her cousin studied her technique.

“You are moving it in and out” her cousin observed. I nodded to help out, now that Maryams attention was elsewhere.


Her cousin got it back and gave it her best. Maryam used the opportunity to study my face while my cock was being sucked. It was like they were training to be expert cocksuckers.


She was a natural. Like a good teacher, I gave her a few pointers. “A little harder, be careful there, a little faster, a little deeper, oh yes, tight like that, yes, that’s it, go on, don’t stop, continue, continue, go go go go go go go go go gooooooo!”

Feeling like a Mexican soccer commentator, I came in her mouth. She made a huge gulping sound and smiled at me and Maryam with cum on her teeth. “I did it!” she said. We both smiled at her. “Good job” I said. She deserved the praise.

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