The Feminist Coffee Shop

Studying feminism it was a delightful opportunity for me to actually work in a feminist coffee shop where the owners are women and they women in management positions. It was a joy and a good place to work. I loved working there.

The owner of the cafe was called Sybil and she was a progressive lady. One of her most important issues was that of male dominated control of what women could wear.

For example, she said, women are pressured into covering up their top in various ways to hide the most natural thing of all, breasts. Meant for feeding children. Why, she asked rhetorically.

She then said that those who wanted to could come to work the next day wearing just a bra on their top as a statement.

The next day Sybil herself came to the coffee shop wearing more or less just a bra on her upper half.

This motivated those of us, including myself, who had been on the fence, to get on the band wagon.

It was a great feeling, to be honest, walking around CONFIDENTLY in just my bra.

And as an added bonus, we started getting better tips. All for a feminist cause.

After a week or so, one of the other girls asked Sybil whether wearing a bra was also some sort of suppression. What if she just wanted to wear a tank top without a bra. It would be more comfortable, she argued, so who is making me wear the bra?

Sybil fully agreed and suggested that we would all come to work without a bra under our clothes the next day.

The next day Sybil did indeed come to work without wearing a bra under her tank top.

You have to give it to her. She really followed through. It encouraged many of us to join her and I was among those who joined her, although I chose to wear a more discrete and modest black tank top.

After a week of braless fun and tips beyond our wildest dreams, someone suggested that we could make underwear optional altogether.

Sybil, in her wisdom, agreed, but said that to show that optional means that it is perfectly acceptable to actually wear underwear if you prefer, I will go wearing my panties visibly the entire next week, she proclaimed!

Of course, looking up to Sybil, many of us attempted to follow suit. Some didn’t follow suit that same day as they were unprepared and perhaps I should have also prepared better, but I wanted to follow suit as soon as possible.

So I completed the entire shift in white panties that were really not meant as outerwear. In any case, in this male dominated world, why shouldn’t I be allowed to wear panties visibly if that is what I want.

I was even getting so comfortable that I would even travel to work in my new “uniform”.

Let me tell you about my commute to work. Firstly, the walk from my apartment was fine.

Waiting at the bus stop was some times a little awkward. Not to speak of while I was standing inside the bus.

However, when I arrived to work that day, I discovered that Sybil had taken it to the next level. “I told you – it’s freedom to wear panties or NOT wear panties. You have every freedom in this place!” she underlined passionately.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as she even took out the trash dressed or not dressed like that.

Of course, Sybil being my idol, I followed suit. Sort of. I dropped my panties, exercised my feminist right, but I did not dare to wear such a short “dress” with it.

However, I was impressed that Sybil continued – and she was also drawing in tips that I had never seen before.

She would even comfortable rest in her break while sitting in the cafe bottomless next to the patrons.

Now, we share tips in this place, but it is sort of unfair if one person brings in all the tips and then we have to share it. So that’s why I and some of the others decided to try out her approach. And it worked!

I received so many tips. Even more than Sybil.

And it wasn’t long before this became my “uniform”. I would travel in my white panties and then drop them as soon as I came inside the coffee shop and immediately one of my “regulars” would hand me a generous tip while ordering his daily coffee and some times he would slap my butt in appreciation.

It wasn’t long before I would also take my breaks outside without changing out of my “uniform”. And this attracted even more customers. The cafe started getting more popular and in recognition of my efforts, Sybil offered me to become a partner in the coffee shop.

Soon after we started developing a habit of having vodka shots together in the back room every hour or every half hour and some times two at a time. It was fun being tipsy at work.

And it earned us even more tips because it made us somewhat more flirtatious.

But it was Sybil that took the partnership to new heights! I hadn’t noticed what was happening but I found her sitting like this, smiling, telling me that she had found a way to increase our earnings even more.

It looked like cum from more than one man and judging by the wad of cash in her hand, it had been very profitable.

Of course, as a partner, I didn’t want to lack behind and I managed to also earn some money in a similar way. Quite simply I told them they could cum on me if they wanted to and so they did. Even though I didn’t do anything else, I was earning a huge tip from that.

Not to be outdone, Sybil also made sure to take deposits from customers. She would then walk around serving the coffee with cum on her ass.

The tips were outstanding but it did have a side-effect that mostly men would visit the coffee shop. It was fine by us as it would increase profits and avoid any awkwardness with their girlfriends.

I realized I could get an early start on my earnings if I went bottomless all the way from home and through public transport.

It was an easy way to find extra customers, but it did have the disadvantage that many of them would leave the bus without leaving a tip. Bad for business.

But others were commuters and I would meet the same ones every day. I didn’t even have to interact with them, really, I could just listen to my music, give a handjob or a blowjob and then they would be on their way.

I also found Sybil out “advertising” and soon we had more customers than we could even handle.

And my free time, you wonder? Well, I would sit on the beach and relax with me eyes closed. My loyal patrons would still allow me to earn some money as I relaxed and they would leave my tips in my pocket. Such loyal customers.

And finally, if I wanted to maximize my earning, I would simply go to a local bar where I would always be able to earn a little more doing something they call “bukkake”.

After my nap, I would wake up, venture over to get some fast food and finally home for some sleep and to see my husband waiting for me to drop my earnings to him for safe keeping.

Well, I say husband, but we are not technically married yet. He did say that he promised he would propose soon, so that’s as good as, I guess.

Then my night routing is of course a much sought-after shower.

And then it’s to bed to take care of my wifely duties – well, my husband takes care of most of it.

Of course, with me working all the time, I don’t have much time for a social life, so it’s nice when my husband arranges for his friends to join us at night.

It may seem like a very busy life, but I like it. My husband always needs more money for his investment scheme, whatever that was, so I am happy to be able to do my part!


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