The Firm

I was working in dead end job for 7 years as a purchaser before I got the chance of a lifetime. I was offered almost 50% more in salary and the benefits were amazing.

The feeling in this company was also very different. Everyone talked about their families and it was like everyone was friends. They had welcomed me to the “Ronson Family”. Ronson is the name of the company and it’s the name of the CEO, Ron Ronson. I found out later his full name was Ron Ronson Junior IV, fourth generation Ron Ronson and the story was the same for most of the partners in this firm.

Shortly after joining we were invited to dinner with one of the partners and in line with their openness, it included spouses.

“How do I look?” my wife asked me.


“Beautiful. Let’s go, we’re running late” I said.

I didn’t want to comment on the cleavage. It was a bit much in my opinion, but I didn’t want to make her nervous and we were running late after all.

We arrived on time and the partner, Uton, was already there and he apologized for showing up alone. His wife had been a little ill and stayed home. So it was just the three of us. We ordered wine and had a great time.


As the evening progressed, Uton became more and more uninhibited and was openly gawking my wife and her cleavage. I couldn’t blame him and it was sort of fun to watch, and it seemed my wife was oblivious to this and was just enjoying all the attention – and the wine.


After dessert, Uton paid for everyone and we thanked him for a great evening.

In the cab on the way home we talked about the evening. “That Uton is a very friendly guy, isn’t he?” asked my wife. “Oh yes, he seemed to like … talking to you”.

My wife caught the awkward pause in my sentence. “Was I flirting with him” she asked. I shook my head. “No, I don’t think so”.

The next day Uton found me at my desk and personally thanked me for a great evening and said that he’d like to see us again some time.

A couple of weeks later, we were invited to his house and of course accepted. The day before the party, a package arrived with a gift for us – it was a swimsuit for my wife.

She looked at the material, which was really nice, but she made the mistake of not trying it on. Instead we went to the pool party the next day and when she came out I wasn’t sure that she was even wearing it in the right way.


“Is it supposed to be like that?” I asked.

“I think so” she said “It is kind of heavy, so I guess it is designed to hang heavy in the front.”.

Sure enough, as she moved around, it did not move out of place. It was heave and kept in place.

“My wife is at her card club today, so it’s just the four of us.” Uton said “This is Jim, on the line managers”. Jim was a young guy, very tanned and moved like he’d played a lot of sports, maybe football.


The three of us started talking about sports and my wife got bored and went for a swim.

This was a great opportunity for me to actually get into the center of power in this tight knit company, getting to talk to some of the most influential people in the company.

I the middle of a heated argument on who’s the best quarterback of all time, my wife got up and simultanously called to us. “Hey, can you bring my wine glass over here.


When she called we all looked up and all saw the same thing.


And we all pretended like nothing happened. Jim was fastest, he took her wine glass and handed it to her.

We would continue talking. “What’s your take on the market right now” Uton asked me. “I think it’s stabilizing” I said. “Hmm, interesting” both Tim and Uton said.

We heard some splash from the pool and instinctively we all looked over there and found my wife had just surfaced from the water. “Well cheers” said Uton and we all held up our glasses and smiled.


It was all fun and games, but at one point Uton winked at Jim and I was a bit mystified about that.

I don’t know what that was all about, but we had a good time and left full of inspiration and I am sure everyone went home and banged their wives hard that night. I know I did.

A couple of days later, Uton came to my desk and congratulated me. “You’re doing great and congratulations, your wife has been selected for the calendar”.

He went on to explain to me that every year, a calendar was made by the company and it was sent to the clients as advertisement. It was very popular for it’s authenticity, because only employees and spouses appeared in it. “Of course it’s mandatory” Uton said and giggled “No, I’m just kidding” he said “It is of course up to her if she wants to appear, but she pretty much has to do it” he said “Nahh, I’m kidding again, ha ha ha. But let me know by tomorrow OK?”

My wife and I both agreed that she would accept being in this calendar. My wife was actually sort of excited about it.

I came with her to the photoshoot. At the location was also Uton, Jim and a couple of other guys I had seen around the office and the photographer as well.


I must say they chose well. My wife looked amazing in this lingerie.

“Can we take it home when we’re done?” I asked jokingly “Sure” Uton said.

Us guys were standing a little away to give her and the photographer some space to work. He was saying instructions to her and she was concentrating and following it. “Shhh” the photographer said when one of us had talked a bit too loud. After that we tried to keep quiet.


She posed in different positions and she was being incredibly professional.

The photographer mumbled some instructions, then she would reposition and he would snap a few more photos.

“Want another beer” Uton whispered and handed a cold one to me.

When I looked up, my wife was positioned on the couch.


Now I can’t say that “anything” in particular was exposed in this shot. What is that area around her vagina? Her thights. I tried not to look to intensely as I hoped Uton and Jim and the others wouldn’t look either, but to no avail. After a moment they all stopped whispering to each other and just stared.

The photographer continued in the same style and we were all repositioning a boner in our pants.


“Is that Ronson?” Jim asked.

For a moment I thought he meant the company, but he meant Ron Ronson himself. He had replaced the photographer and was now taking photos with this phone.


We all watched as Ron got up and went to my wife and whispered something in her ear.


It just took about 5 seconds and none of us had any idea what it was he said, but it must have been some well placed words. Moments later I saw my wife grabbing his cock from his pants.


I was thinking to myself what he might have said. Was it some sort of blackmail? Some threat?

He sat her down on the coffee table and started pulling her panties off. She was passive but not resisting.


I couldn’t believe what was happening in front of me.

Maybe the authority of Ron Ronson was what kept me from interfering. He was holding my life in his hands. And my wife. And now he was impaling my wife, taking his had cock and pounding it into her vagina.



He stayed in this position and fucking her first slowly, then slightly faster, then in thrusts and then finally he was pounding her as hard as he could, the coffee table moving an inch back with every thrust.

“God damn, yeah” he then said and pulled out with cum following his cock out, dripping down from her ass crack and down on the carpet.

He made a kissing sound with his mouth and winked at my wife before he grabbed his pants and left the room.

“Yeah, sorry, he does that some times” Uton said. “It’s rude, really”.

I went to my wife and asked the most sensible question I could think of. “What did he tell you?”

“That you’d told him he could fuck me today and at first I didn’t believe it, but then I noticed you were not stopping it” she said “So I guess this was your real plan for me today”

I don’t know if I should have responded what I did, but I had to think fast. I didn’t want her to feel ‘used’ by another man, but instead at least it would be better if she had done something for her husband, that she could be proud of. “Thanks, honey” I just said. Not lying but also not letting her know we’d been had.

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