The Gangstress

“So, Nancy, tell us how you got involved with these guys?”

The detective interviewed Nancy after having finally busted her. She had been part of an organized crime family for several years, but now the jig was up and she was busted. She had agreed to tell everything.

“At the time I was working at a caterer as a waitress and we were called out to jobs a couple of times per week. I never had a lot of money and was very happy every time there would be a job to go on”.


“My job was simply to serve the horse dwarves or whatever they’re called”

“It’s called an hors d’oeuvre”, the detective pointed out, as if it mattered to the story.


“As I walked around amongst them serving the little horse food, I listened in a bit on their conversations. It was a lot of rich talk, like about the yacht they owned and the other one would response by asking which one. That sort of thing”

“The wife of the house or whatever it’s called, told me to go get the drinks, she was kind of strict on me, but I guess she was just very used to having help around”.


“After everyone had left and we were just there to clean up the house, I found myself alone in a rich mans house. After listening to all their talk about rich stuff, I couldn’t help myself, I had to go look around. I know it’s completely forbidden to wander in someone’s house without an errand.


“I found their bedroom and decided to take just a little look at the clothes that this woman had in there”


“I found she had impeccable taste! I knew fashion very well and I fell backwards when I saw the designer dress she had in there. Genuine, of course!”

“I just had to try it on – to feel rich for just one moment.”

“Then what happened?” one of the detectives asked.

“I think she is going to tell us” the other one said and let Nancy continue her story.

“I put it on and it fit great! It took a while to get on because it was like a whole suit. I guess people didn’t choose this suit for practical reasons”


“The outfit came complete with a cat headpiece”

“Then my heart skipped a beat! Someone was coming!!”

“I could hear on the way he breathed that it was the owner of the house. The husband. I didn’t know what to do.”


“I decided to do at least something, rather than nothing. I crawled out on all four and purred like a cat. Tried to make a little fun out of it.


“He was not amused. He just looked at me, surprised, speechless. He had no speech.”

“I continued to purr and went up against his leg, just like a cat would do. I accidentally grazed his penis through his pants, much like a cat wouldn’t and shouldn’t do. I probably shouldn’t either, but I noticed it was hard!”


“There is my chance, I thought to myself. I had been caught stealing from him, he had me – but if I could distract him and even get some leverage on him of some sort, maybe it was my way out of this situation. So I decisively pulled his pants down and started sucking his cock”.


“Later I found out that he was actually not the owner of the house.”

“Don’t skip ahead” one of the detectives said “So you were sucking his cock – we need all the details”

“For the report” the other detective said. “Yes, for the report. Then what happened?”

“Well, he wasn’t content with just a blowjob – he put me on the bed, pulled down the outfit around my thighs and started fucking me.”


“Eventually I got all of the outfit off and was relieved that it didn’t get damaged”


“He fucked me and eventually was done”

“Done, how?” the detective inquiried.

“Well, he fucked me till he came – he pulled out and came on my breasts”

“Breasts” the detective repeated as he wrote it in his notebook.

“Then the wife came in. She was not happy to find me there. If she was unhappy that I had borrowed her dress, she was definitely unhappy that I had fucked her husband”


“What made it worse was that it turned out she was one of the leading members of the Churros Crime Syndicate”

“And what was her identity?” the detective asked, finally finding a relevant question.

“She … well I never got her name, but her position was clear from later developments. But for now, I was just so busted. She told me about her connections and threatened me and also told she would tell my husband and, well, she had all the cards and power and I was hers”

“So that’s when you became part of the family?” the detective asked.

“I wish! No, they were forcing me, basically blackmailing me to do stuff for them. The first thing they wanted was compromising pictures of me – as if their position wasn’t strong enough already. Anyway, I had no choice at this point.”

“The weird thing is that they went to great lengths to make me look as slutty as possibly. They could have easily just gotten me naked and snapped some pictures, but instead they dressed me up in a neglige like this. I guess they know their blackmailing techniques, because it worked.”


“After that they sent me home”

“That’s it!?” the detective said, surprised.

“No, not by a long shot. Several days later I got a call from that woman who was at the top of the crime family, she told me to expect a visitor and show him a nice time. I objected, saying that my husband was going to come home any time, but she just told me to deal with it”

“When the guy came he introduced himself as her cousin. I knew what the deal was. Sex. I figured we should get out of sight and get in the shower as quickly as possible, where it would also be easy to clean. He was easy to convince.”


“He didn’t do much foreplay of any kind – he soaped me up and put some lotion in a strategic place, then he started fucking me”


“I heard a very terrifying sound. It was the familiar sound of my husband coming up the stairs”

“Are you in the shower?” I could hear him ask. I couldn’t respond before he barged in. We didn’t have a lock on the bathroom. I managed to pull the shower curtain so he couldn’t see that I wasn’t alone in there. To my great horror, the guy didn’t want to stop fucking me, but at least he did it relatively quiet.

“I peeked out and he was getting his tie off. He wanted to join me, that was clear. I had to stop him.”


“I asked him why I don’t just give him a quick blow instead and unzipped his pants.  Luckily, my husband was in on that idea.”


“I did all this, mind you, while the other guy was still fucking me in the shower. Somehow it gave extra passion to the blowjob”

“Even when the curtain fell open slightly, he was none the wiser, partly because the dude was standing in the corner and partly because I was giving him the distraction of a lifetime”


“My husband came in my mouth and left a happy man. Meanwhile, the guy took his time and eventually came in my pussy. He had the courtesy to leave quietly through the back door”

“But you’re not currently married, are you?” the detective asked.

Nancy shook her head “No, I couldn’t keep this up”

“To be continued” one of the detectives said.

“What do you mean, to be continued!?” the other one asked.

“It’s lunch time, we’ll hear the rest later”.

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