The night Brenda got drunk

Brenda was drinking with the boys like she does so often. She is a good drinker, but is usually careful about how much she drinks. She knows that she usually does stupid things when she gets too drunk.


They were having fun and Brenda wasn’t counting her drinks. They were listening to music and talking and having a great, cosy time. In fact, Brenda didn’t WANT to count her drinks, she just wanted to hang out and not think of it.

Meanwhile, the boys would make sure Brenda’s glass was always full and at the same time, Brenda always tried to empty it.


In fact, at one point she was trying to just get the glass empty and kept taking large sips, but at the same time, one of the boys kept refilling it when Brenda wasn’t looking – she took a lot of alcohol that way.

“Let me help you” one of the boys said and poured the beer directly in her mouth.


It started with a bit of tickling and they were all laughing and tickling and teasing each other. The tickling turned into the boys starting getting a little grabby.


“Here is some water” one of the boys said. Come to think of it, Brenda was very thirsty right about now and downed the entire glass of water. Only after she had drunk it, she realized the boy had played a prank on her – the entire glass was actually a strong Vodka!

Ha ha, how silly.

They all got increasingly drunk and more playful. They had lifted up Brenda’s shirt and in good fun, started licking her nipples.


The boys started talking about which of them was able to have sex the longest without cumming. They started arguing for fun and then one boy suggested that Brenda would settle the bet for them.

“Look” the boy said. “You can settle it for us”. He had pulled his pants down and his boner was now out.

“Ha ha, you’re silly” Brenda said, half in a daze from getting increasingly drunk.

“Suck it for 2 minutes, then suck his and we’ll see you can hold it for longest”


Brenda was in no condition to argue and started sucking their cocks.

“Aren’t one of you boys losing this competition soon” she said after she had done a few rounds on each and was getting tired.

“Not yet” the boy said, “but maybe this will help”


“Ha ha, you’re silly” Brenda said.

“And this might help too” the boy said and started pulling her pants and panties off.


“Uh oh, you are naughty boys” Brenda observed, while still being in a daze.

”It will be over sooner this way, I promise you” the boy said. “Good” Brenda said with her eyes closed “Because I am getting a little tired.

With that, one of the boys started fucking her while the other stuck his cock in her mouth.


Right he was, when he said it would be over soon, because after just a few more minutes, one of the boys was fucking her pussy when he said “I … lose … I came first”.

Cum was splurting out of her pussy. “Good, does that mean you’re done now?” Brenda asked, while she was relaxing on the couch.

“No” the other boy said. “We also have to see who comes in second”.

The other boy started fucking her, while the first was now putting his cock in her mouth, letting her lick the remaining cum off it.


The other boy also put his cock in her face and Brenda drunkenly tried to lick both their cocks.

Brenda was still very drunk when she opened her eyes and noticed the camera that had been filming the whole thing.


“You naughty boys” she just said, before she went to sleep on the couch.

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