The Pyramid – Part 3: Cindy brings a friend

Cindy had to get two girls to sign the modeling contract within 2 weeks or she would have to do another nude photo shoot for free, every month, for the rest of her life. This was what she had to sign to get out of her $30.000 debt. A debt that she would never be able to pay off any other way.

Only two days after signing, she brought one of her friends, Valentina – or Tina as Cindy called her.

Cindy was amazingly motivated. I had the contract ready, but only presented the outlines to Tina before Cindy took over and explained the earning potential and underlined just how easy it was. Tina was convinced in no time.


In round 1, some nice semi-revealing pictures were taken of Tina. They were safe enough that she would not back out and revealing enough that she would feel very much invested in the photo shoot. As always, I utilized the fact that the contract gave me free hands to choose her pose.


For the second round, it would be important to keep it non-nude as well as even more revealing.

The second round is a little difficult, because optimally it would involve an outfit where she is not wearing underwear, but still cannot reasonable consider it as being nude. In this case I had a good idea – how about a classic cheerleader uniform – excluding panties, of course.


Of course, I would gradually increase the degree of how revealing the poses would be.


Cindy left the set after the contract had been signed. Her obligation had been fulfilled by the signature (of course, she would still have to get one more girl).

In order to get as high an investment from Tina as possible, I would make sure to snap pictures while she was moving around, getting some very revealing shots. Like this one that I took when she clumsily allowed her skirt to ride up while changing a pose.


At the very end of the photo shoot would be the same financial negotiation as before. She would realize that each picture, if unsold, would have a cost of $15 and she would end up owing me almost $30.000. Realizing she was bound by the contract, Tina even attempted to buy them back from me for $500. I was tempted for a second but ended up deciding to refuse. I wanted to make more out of this.

To be continued …

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  1. Noticed a comment shortage and wanted to make clear there’s def reader interest (from me at least!) in seeing more of this, uh, story. Yes, that’s what more needs to be seen of. >_>

    In all seriousness though – digging the sexy-tricksome premise, and hoping to see more. Especially if they’re as hot as the first one! Still current highwater mark IMO, though as hopefully rendered obvious by the present comment I’ve enjoyed the followups as well.

    tl;dr – MORE! MORE! MORE! 😛

  2. love the story.. As there werent any cmments i was sad they didnt post more of it :(.. So thanks to the other guy and here i go with my comment… Cant wait for the next part and yeah digging the pictures the black girl’s ass is … Mhmm..

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