The true patriot

Having just been stationed in a foreign country for 12 months, I was eager to get home to my girlfriend. She didn’t know I was coming, so I was looking forward to surprising her.

My sergeant was with me, as his transport would arrive in the morning to take him home.


“Do you think she’s home” my sergeant asked.


There were no sounds in there, it seemed like someone was there, but there were no one to be found.


We found some fresh waffles so I knew she was going to be around. “Wait, let me see if she is on the sun deck” I said.

Sure enough there she was, my beautiful girlfriend.


When she saw me, she jumped out and came running to me. “Chuck!!” she yelled.


She gave me a big naked hug.

“Dean is here” I told her “so you should get that towel on. He is my sergeant.”


We went inside to see Dean and I let Dean and my girlfriend get acquainted.

“So you were 12 months over there too?” she asked as they made small talk.


Dean went to take a shower and my girlfriend and I went to the living room. At that time she was just having a pillow to cover herself as we thought we were going to get 15 minutes time for ourselves. We figured Dean was going to give us some private time. I am a private, after all.

But he surprised us in there, leaving my girlfriend rather compromised.


“Oh, am I disturbing” he went.

“No of course not” I said “come and sit down”. My girlfriend reasserted what I’d said and pulled his arm to make sure he knew she meant it.


When he sat down, it was obvious to both me and my girlfriend that he was sporting a big boner in his pants. Maybe that’s why he was reluctant to sit down. Can’t say I blame him, what with my girlfriend running around naked in front of him.

I was not far behind, I had my naked girlfriend I hadn’t seen for months, naked on my lab.

“OK, guys, I think you deserve some attention – and so do I, by the way!” she said. She was right, she had been alone for those many months as well.

We let our cocks out and she started blowing me and giving Dean a handjob.


I was feeling a little uncomfortable in the situation as you can see, but it was also amazing.

When my cock was rock hard and wet from her sucking it, she slit down on my cock and then went further than I had thought and started sucking off my sergeants cock too.


The next thing I couldn’t believe. If Dean hadn’t saved my life several times over the last year, I would be very jealous now. My girlfriend, that I hadn’t seen for months, actually sat on Deans cock while she was still sucking me.


Then she stopped.

For a moment I thought she was having second thoughts about the whole thing, but nothing could be further from the truth.

“I want all of you” she said. She was rubbing something now on her ass hole. It was from a bottle she had hid under the couch. Apparently she was more or less ready for this.

She didn’t speak but just guided my sergeants cock into her ass. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t even fucked her in the ass.


“Yes, Chuck, get over here!” she commanded me, making me wonder who was fucking whom.

I went over there and fucked her while she was still sitting with Deans cock in her ass. “Fuck me, fuck me now!” she commanded both of us and started kind of shaking, trying to get us to fuck her more.


I could hear Dean started moaning and grunting. I think he was cumming in my girlfriends ass right now. Somehow it turned me on. I fucked her harder and harder and heard her screaming as I came in her pussy.

How crazy was that. Both Dean and I fell fast asleep on the couch, having travelled for 36 hours straight before coming home. And what a welcome.


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