Too drunk

Some girls who have just started drinking, think they can never get too drunk. They drink and drink and have a lot of fun, but some times they really do get a bit too drunk.

Gail and I are students at the same university, studying the effect of alcohol on the youth. As a public service, Gail and I will demonstrate what can happen if you get too drunk.

Gail was drinking a lot of beer while I sat in the distance with a tele lense and took pictures of her. We were documenting what would happen when Gail got too drunk in a public place.


Gail had a little trouble getting the first few beers down, but after the third, they started to go down more smoothly and she was really getting good and drunk.

After she had been drinking heavily for an hour or so, she was getting really reckless. She went to the nearby lake and for some reason chose to strip naked – you some times do unexpected things when you’re drunk. I didn’t stop her, of course, I wanted to see how our little experiment turned out.


She had gotten a bottle of white wine. It’s even easier to drink and you get even more drunk. Gail was really getting more than just a little drunk. She was getting out-of-her-mind drunk now.

She decided to take a short swim. I was really paying attention now. Sure, our experiment should not be disturbed, but I wouldn’t want her to drown or anything.


Luckily she decided to go back to shore after a few minutes. Her little display in the lake had caught the attention of some people near the lake. They didn’t really do anything, but one fellow just stood there by the lake and looked at her blatantly.

When Gail came back up, she emptied the white wine! I couldn’t believe it. She was already very drunk and now she drank half a bottle of white wine in one go.


You know what happens after you’ve been too drunk for a while?

You pass out.

Gail was no exception to this little rule. Not five minutes later, she was completely passed out. I was documenting it all with my camera, but wouldn’t want to barge in or anything to disturb the experiment.

It had only been two hours, and we had agreed to run the experiment for 5 hours. I would have to wait for another 3 hours, even if she was just sleeping the rest of the time.

Then something unexpected happened. The guy who was looking before, had now taken his clothes off and was approaching the sleeping Gail. What was he going to do?


He put his cock on her mouth and slapped her cheek a bit with it. My instincts told me to stop him, but then I remembered the experiment. We had agreed that I would stop the experiment if she was in danger, like if she was drowning – but this wasn’t exactly dangerous, just unwanted. That might be a very important and realistic part of the experiment.

I briefly reconsidered when he inserted his cock in her, but stood strong. We had to make some sacrifices for the experiment.

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He worked hard at her. It was not a pretty sight. He was quite clumsy about it, but then a few minutes later, he slowed down and then it looked like he came just above her pussy. I guess it was sort of considerate of him, not to come directly in her.

He left and exactly when he went away behind the bushes, another dude came out, they chatted for just a few seconds and then the second guy went directly to Gail and started slapping his cock at her pussy – just a few times, before he inserted it in her pussy.

It didn’t take long before he left her, and the situation repeated itself.


I decided to move a bit so I could see what was going on behind the bushes. I was surprised to see that a line had formed. They were just standing there, waiting patiently. I guess there was around 7 or 8 guys in the line.

Surprisingly, in the back of the line was the same dude that had been fucking her the first time.

I watched as one guy after the other fucked her. It wasn’t the same 8 guys either, some were new and some were back for more.

I would have gone over there and protected her, but unfortunately, there was still a few hours left of the experiment. I guess we’ve really proven that you gotta be careful about getting too drunk.

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