Too good to be true

I was approached two days earlier on the street for a modeling opportunity and after a short phone interview and after emailing some vacation photos, I was hired for the job!

I am not a model and would normally never consider something like this. I work in a bikini shop on the beach and make minimum wage, barely, and this was $1500 for one afternoon. I was of course looking out for traps but everything looked legit. But I knew it was too good to be true and I showed up anyway.

I was sort of relieved in a way, when I discovered “the catch”. They gave me some very small lingerie to wear when I arrived that would not leave much to the imagination. I sort of already expected something like this at that rate.


They explained to me the people hiring me had been a recruitment agency and had nothing to do with the modeling agency other than that, so I would contact them directly now. They said it in a way that implied to me, that they were going to offer me more jobs like this. At that rate, I might even consider a career change.

After putting the lingerie on, it was even smaller than I had expected.


It was sort of covering all the important bits, but not much more than that.

They led me to a room with lots of lights and cameras and there was also a big mirror on one side. I figured it was a one-way mirror. I learnt a while back how to spot them. Basically, if the mirror is IN the wall, it’s a one-way mirror. If it’s ON the wall, it’s probably a normal mirror.

They asked me to turn around and I felt bare, but I also reminded myself of the “thong” effect. When you’re wearing a thong and a short dress, you give the illusion of not wearing underwear. The same goes the other way around – when you’re not wearing underwear, people think you might be wearing a thong.


“Uhh, that wire is twisted, can you fix it?” one of the camera men asked.

I looked down and sure enough, this very unpractical lingerie had twisted a bit. Oh how much we do to maintain some illusion for the photos.


They ordered me around in different positions, meanwhile video was rolling and photos taken continuously.

“Turn in that direction and then look back at me” he said.

The position tested even the “thong” effect.


“Number 17 is sold for 450,000 USD” some voice in the speaker said.

“Oh, that’s you!” one of the men said.

“What? I don’t get it” I said. I was bewildered what they meant. Apparently I was number 17. What was that amount, I wondered.

“You won a contract” one of the men explained to me. Apparently a 20-year contract for my services had been signed. At the end of it, I would get a whopping 10% of the contract sum, excluding any expenses, they explained.

“I was not told any of this and didn’t sign anything!” I objected and wanted to leave.

“Oh no, the recruiters should have told you” one man said. He was wearing a blazer and seemed to be sort of in charge. “This puts us in a bit of a pickle. These people who bought you are not ones to mess around. We have wasted their time and they will not forgive us for that. We have a problem and that means you have a problem too”.

“I guess we could try an on-demand contract instead, maybe they’ll go for it” he then suggested.

I asked for the details, not that I definitely wanted it, but I could have nothing to do with some 20 years contract and $450,000. Both those numbers are way to high for me.

“Well, you will do little jobs on-demand and they are paid quite well. That would be a good way to pay back those $450,000 we are liable for. Shall I check?” blazer guy asked.

I nodded and he left. He came back about 5 minutes later.

“OK, I have another contract for you here. You have to work the $450,000 off still, but on ad-hoc jobs. You have to give the buyer a blowjob right now and he will give you $125,000 for that.” the blazer guy said.

“Hundred and twenty five thousand dollars for a blowjob?” I yelled in surprise. I had never considered selling blowjobs for money before, but was still thinking thats a lot for a blowjob. “Oh, I should have told you” blazer guy said “You just get 5% of that. The rest is split between us, the recruiter and the reseller”.

I did some quick math – that’s still more than 6000 dollars for a blowjob and it would get me out of that 20 year contract I had hanging over my head. “We have your share here” blazer guy said and held out a bundle of hundred dollar bills.

He handed me the contract and I signed it. Then he led me to the next room, where I gave some guy in a mask a blowjob.


He came quickly and I left without saying anything. Blazer guy was waiting, handed me $6,250 cash and reminded me, that this was just $125,000 off the contract and I would still have to pay off another $325,000. He handed me a copy of the contract and also a stack of 20 prints of some of the pictures taken today, including some revealing ones and some where I give a blowjob.

That $325,000 does sound like a high amount, but doing some quick calculation in my head, it would just be about 2 more jobs and about $10,000 for me – not a bad deal. Now off to put that deposit on my new apartment!

To be continued

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