Types of accidental celebrity nudity – Drunken mistakes

Celebrities get drunk like everyone else. They make mistakes while they’re drunk, like everyone else. Who doesn’t remember the famous pussy shots of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton getting out of their car


Even Christina Aguilera made that blunder once.

One of the latest occurrences of this classic scenario was with Emily Watson after the premiere of the last movie in the Harry Potter series. Perhaps she got extra drunk from the stress that the series was over – perhaps she had another reason. Whatever it was, she got quite drunk and we got the picture to prove it.


The “drunken mistake” scenario happens so often, because when you get drunk, you get more careless. Regardless of whether you are a celebrity, the pope, a farmer or anyone else.

This episode is one of the most famous in celebrity circles. The story goes that she was hoping to win an award at this 3rd rate awards show but when her favorite categories were already over, she started getting drunk on champagne instead. She dropped her panties under the table without anyone noticing – for what reason no one knows. She ended up making an ass out of herself and the celebrity community has been talking about it ever since.


That’s all that happened and the celebrity community did a good job protecting itself. The media was the none the wiser to the incident. But those things have a tendency to get out and eventually the above shot from a waiter’s cell phone was released into the public. At first denied by Charlize Theron and any other celebrity, but since then, they have had “no comments” whenever the subject of what really happened that day is brought up by any journalist.

The same is the case with the incident on the picture below, with Kristin Kreuk from Smallville. She was at her best friend’s bachelorette party and things got a little out of hand after alcohol and male strippers was added to the party.


Although there are plenty of embarrassing drunken mistakes by celebrities, the one with Kristin Kreuk is not common. Something else that’s common is when celebrities, like anybody else, somehow in the drunken fog ends up in someone else’s house and sleeps on the couch.

One example of that is of Daisy Fuentes that fell asleep on someone’s couch. Notice that she is still wearing the shoes she wore for the party.


But why is Daisy Fuentes naked in the picture above. No one really knows, but we do know that drunken and naked goes hand in hand, so we’re assuming that’s at least part of the explanation. But why is she naked. Well, people don’t understand the scope of these incidents – it’s not like this happens every day or every time a celebrity sleeps over at someone else’s couch. But the point is, it happens! It happens from time to time to celebrities, just as it does for anyone else. Celebrities are people too!

7 thoughts on “Types of accidental celebrity nudity – Drunken mistakes”

  1. “Even Christina Aguilera made that blunder once.”

    Now there’s a name that reminds me of a classic Illusex series.

  2. Pretty sure it’s “Emma” Watson. 😛

    On which topic, for any fellow netpervs who weren’t aware, there’s a non-fake upskirt of the lovely Ms. Watson wearing some see-thru panties out here on the intarwubs – just in case that might be of interest.

    Oh – and my copyeditor’s nitpicking (put Charlize Theron’s name earlier!) aside, love the site and I’m really digging this series. Some great celeb fakes here, and I’m enjoying the setup on many of them too – in particular the promos one made me think of the “especially for Eroslavia” (or whatever it was called) story on celebrity marketing there, which was always a fave. Looking forward to seeing more of the Pyramid too – especially Cindy! She’s def the hotter of the two so far, though I’m looking forward to her further efforts at recruitment…

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