Very hot coffee

“What’s so special about this coffee then?” Cindy asked. “What?” Ben responded, confused about the question. He had asked Cindy to his house on the pretext of her tasting a very special cup of coffee, but had since forgotten all about it.

Reminded by Cindy, it all came back to Ben. “Ohhhh, yes – this is a very special cup of coffee. It will – affect you profoundly, in fact!” Ben explained, without having thought too much about where this was going.


“Really"?” Cindy said skeptically. “Special in which way?”

Ben was thinking fast. “Oh, you’ll see” he said and poured her a coup. “Yes, you’ll see”.

Cindy tasted the coffee and nodded in approval. “It’s good … but what’s so special about it? Is this it?”

Ben was buying some more time. “Wait for it to take effect …”

“Are you feeling it yet?” Ben asked. Cindy was indeed getting curious about what kind of effect she was supposed to feel. She was even imagining that she was feeling some kind of effect. “Maybe” Cindy said. “Oh, that’s very good” Ben responded “Only people who are really in touch with themselves can feel a difference that quickly.”

Ben came up close to Cindy and kissed her first on the cheek, then he said “Notice what is happening now”, he then kissed her on the mouth and with one swift movement, unbuttoned her shorts to let them drop to the floor.


Cindy was taken by surprise, but enjoyed the kiss and did not yet react to the fact that her pants dropped that quickly. Seconds later, her consciousness noted what happened and she yelled out “Hey!” and pushed Ben away – although not too forcefully.

“It’s OK” Ben said “This is part of enjoying the coffee properly. Go ahead, sit on the chair and take another sip. In the mean time, it will be very clear to you why this coffee is so special”. Cindy didn’t respond but didn’t react either.

“Come on, you will be alright, this will be the best coffee you’ve ever had” Ben continued. Cindy sat on the stool, took a sip of the coffee – and it felt VERY good. Well, not the coffee, but in the mean time Ben had sat down and was now licking Cindy’s pussy”


“Do you like the coffee?” Ben asked in between slurps. Cindy couldn’t help but admit that she was enjoying it. “Yes” she confirmed. Her mind was racing. What was happening. Was this coffee really that good? What was going on. She had never done anything like this before, so she had to assume it must really be the coffee that made her feel that good.

Cindy was now dropping wet. Ben stood up and asked Cindy “Do you mind if I have a sip of your coffee?”. Cindy nodded and Ben subsequently dropped his pants, took the coffee cup and took a sip. He lifted up Cindy, sat down on the chair, and sat Cindy down on top of him. He then grabbed the coffee cup and gave it to Cindy. “Here, taste it now” he said.

Cindy tasted the coffee and did her best to feel the effect. It felt good – the feeling of the coffee was enhanced by the feeling of Ben’s tongue on her nipple. Ben had lifted her shirt up and was sucking her nipple and playing with it with his tongue.


He gave her the coffee mug again, she took a sip – he then lifted her once again and turned her facing the other direction. This time, her already wet pussy enveloped Ben’s now erect cock. It went in, in one smooth motion.

Cindy gave out an involuntary “Whoa” and Ben just said “This is the best part of the coffee. Feel the coffee as I move you up and down”. Ben grabbed the coffee cup, almost spilled some of it, but got a bit in his mouth and gave out a loud “Uhmmm”. He handed the coffee cup to Cindy who also took a small sip. Best coffee ever.

Just after Ben put the coffee down, he started saying weird noises. “Ihhh aeeehhh ahhhh uhhh AHHH!”. The Cindy felt it. The cum splurting inside her. Ben lifted her up and she could feel cum dripping from her pussy on the floor. No doubt, he had cum in her.


Cindy sat down on Ben again and Ben hugged her from behind. Cindy had never experienced coffee like this. “Taste it now” Ben said and handed her the coffee cup again.

Cindy looked into it and saw it was empty. “But it’s empty” she said. Ben looked into it. “Oh, I see it is. Wait a few minutes – I’ll make us another cup.”

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