Work experience

As part of some of her subjects in school, Susan had to get some work experience. When the time came for his students to get work experiencer, her teacher always chose the locations with great care. In this case, the teacher sent Susan to the garage where some of his friends work.



“Hi, you must be Susan. Have you ever worked in a garage before?” Larry asked.

“No sir, I have never worked anywhere before” Susan admitted.

“You haven’t? Oh, it’s a good idea to get some work experience. The real world is very different from a classroom”. Larry was looking forward to letting Susan try several things that you don’t (usually) do in a classroom.

“Great, I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty” Susan said, and as she said it, all the guys in the garage laughed. “What? Was it something I said?”

“Your first task today is to kneel down and take good care of these”. All the guys pulled out their cocks as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Which it is.


“But what … why … uhm …” Susan didn’t know what to say or do.

“Yes, Susan, you are supposed to put them in your mouth and lick them” Larry explained, as the 4 guys moved in closer. Susan didn’t really get a chance to think much about it, before she had already done as Larry told her to do.


Susan worked sucked on one cock and when she pulled away from it, another was shoved in her mouth instead. Meanwhile, Larry and his colleagues were talking about tools, the cars currently waiting for repair and other everyday things.

Susan finally got a chance to speak. “Stop, this is not right. I was supposed to get work experience in this garage!”

“Yes Susan, that’s right. Let me ask you this. Are you good at handling a wrench?”

“No, not as such” Susan replied.

“Have you ever seen what women do when they work in a garage?”

“No …”

“Well” Larry said. “Perhaps you should let us teach you then – is that not why you are here?”

“Yes …”

“Alright. So go ahead and get undressed, then”

While Susan was thinking about how Larry’s arguments made sense, she was quite quickly undressed by one of the other guys.


While Susan was led to the office where there is a couch, the guys all stripped and went in there with her.

“Wait” Susan said and was about to explain, when Larry interrupted her. “Get up here”. One guy was sitting on the couch and two were standing next to it.

“No wait” Susan said. “Are you sure this is right? Do you do this when other girls work in your garage?”

“Definitely” Larry said with great confidence. He wasn’t lying either.

As Susan stood on the couch, she was still not completely sure.


“But …”

“Yes, what is it now, Susan?”

“But … does my teacher agree with this?”

“Susan, Susan, Susan” Larry shook his head. “Do you really think your teacher would entrust us with his students if he wasn’t a 100% sure that we would do exactly what we are supposed to”

“I guess not … but this is really not what I expected.”

“Right … now sit down on that cock”.

Susan did as asked of her.


“No really” Susan continued. “Is this really right?”

Larry explained it to her with a series of questions.

“Do you ever do this in your classroom?”

“No! Are you crazy!?”

“Ok” Larry said. “Did you expect that work experience would be the same as sitting in a classroom?”

“No …”

“Well Susan, you didn’t expect this to happen, but in a way, was that not exactly what you expected? The unexpected”.

“I guess if you put it like that” Susan granted.

“That’s enough talk” one of the colleagues said, and put her mouth to better use.


She was fucked and fucked and lost all track of time. Susan noticed that some times there were only one or two with her – the others were out working in the garage. They came in and continued fucking her whenever they needed a break. Then they would cum in her mouth and go out and continue work.


That way she was kept busy throughout the entire day

“Ok, Susan, it’s 5 PM, we’ll see you tomorrow” Larry said. “Are you tired?”

Susan just nodded.

“What will I tell my teacher. I am supposed to make reports about what I do here …”

“Ahh, no worries Susan” Larry said “We will make a little home movie tomorrow and I’ve confirmed with your teacher that that’ll be enough, so you don’t have to write any reports”.

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  1. Susan, it is hard to make your objections understood when as soon as you open your mouth someone fills it with cock, and it can be difficult to think clearly with a cock in your mouth, one in each hand, and one being fed into your tight pussy.

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