Yes Girls’ Society 2

You may ask, why I am wearing this very revealing outfit at my birthday party tonight.


If you ask that, it would be a good question. I never wear revealing clothes, maybe a cleavage some times, but even that is rare. But I did it as a dare.

I turned 24 recently and some girl started asking me questions about my life so far. “Tell me something interesting that happened to you” she said. I couldn’t think of anything. My god, it was so embarrassing. Did I really not have any interesting stories. She showed off by telling this story about how she had passed out on a boat and ended up on the West Indies, where she met Harrison Ford.

She had lots of crazy stories like that. I was envious of her stories and when she revealed how she got such an interesting life, I was all ears.

She told that she was a member of the Yes Girls’ Society and explained how they have to agree to any suggestion and say yes to any question. It led them to many interesting situations which they other never encounter. Her first challenge for me, which she said was a challenge for me to become part of the society, was to wear this outfit at the next party I attended. I was so amazed by her and her stories, that I agreed to do it.

She explained how it would only work if I unconditionally agreed to suggestions and said yes to every question. Even if it was something I would not usually do. It seemed logical, because I would certainly not normally wear something like that at a party, and when one guy at the party jokingly asked me to spread my legs when I was sitting in the couch, I did it.


Until then, the other people at the party had more or less accepted that I was wearing something very revealing. Maybe they figured that I didn’t know it was see-through and they had been tactful about not mentioning anything to me. But now this drunk guy didn’t think and asked me to spread my legs. Well, I remembered what she had said and did as suggested, unconditionally.

One guy asked me why I was doing like that, but I didn’t want to answer him. If they knew that I would say yes to anything, they would suggest things that I really didn’t want to do.

Some girl phrased the same question differently, which was critical. “Would you like to tell us why you’re showing your pussy to everyone?”. It was a question and I had to say yes. “Yes” I heard myself say, but then I stopped talking. I had to say yes, but I really hoped they would just let it go.

“Well, then I think you should tell us”. Oh my god, was that a suggestion. And I had to agree to any suggestion.

…I whispered it to her. “Someone dared me to do it and I have to say yes to anything today, but don’t tell anyone please”. She nodded.

She turned around then I saw her talking to two guys seconds later. They immediately approached me and one guy said “Would you like to fuck me?” and the other asked “Would you like to suck me?”.

I had to agree. “Yes” I said… They took what little clothes I had and started working me over.


Meanwhile the whole party was staring at me. This was unheard of. It was even early in the evening, no one was really drunk yet. This could maybe be explained later with drunken behaviour, but not now, since no one was drunk.

I was just being a slut. What had I done. Well, the girl had said if I agreed to this, I would have some stories to tell and I would get myself in situations that I had never encountered before.

The guy fucking came in me. What an idiot. The next guy didn’t mind, though, and asked “Can I fuck you too?”. I nodded and he went to fuck me from behind. Meanwhile, the other guy had cum on my tits and a new guy put his dick in my face to suck off.


“Hey, can I take some pictures?” some dude said. He had like a big professional camera. “Yes” I said, while being fucked from behind. He had a perfect view of my pussy.

He came in me too and left me there. The guy took a few more pictures and then left. I was exhausted and just lay on the couch for a while. A few people walked by and laughed, a few people took pics with their phones. A guy came and fucked me real quick, then left again. Then I saw the girl who had talked me into this.

“Hey!” I yelled to hear from across the room. She came over. “Hey” I repeated “how do you prevent this sort of thing from happening?”.

She shrugged her shoulders and answered “I don’t know, it happens every time to me”.

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