A complaint or a comment

“We’ve had a complain of your work” Jenny’s manager said.

“A complaint? Really!?” Jenny was in disblief. To her knowledge, all her clients at the spa were happy.


“Well … ” the manager looked down “It was more of a comment than a complaint I guess”.

“Oh, I think I can explain” Jenny said.

“No thanks, I’d rather you show me” the manager said. “There is a client coming right now and he’s OK with us talking a bit during his hour.”

“Sure” Jenny said and started explaining details about what she does for preparations.

“I like to wear this underwear because it’s more comfortable, but I also think I get a bit extra tips from it”.


“But Jenny, you’re not allowed to take tips from clients”.

This was news to Jenny. “Oh … anyway, I accept the client and him or her to lie down”.

“I start by massaging legs and then I massage his pecks. Some times the client will grab my ass. I can understand why – look at it! – so I am usually OK with that.”


“Then, if the client has an erection, I go on to massage his penis” Jenny said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.


The manager objected. “But Jenny, you’re not allowed to do that either”

“Really? Why, no one ever complained about that. Are you OK sir?” she asked as she continued to massage his penis.

The client nodded.

“See” she said.

“OK, but we need to talk about this afterwards”.


“I usually also masturbate him for a while, but I guess there is also a company policy against that" she said.

The manager nodded. “Yes, but carry on”.

“OK. Now, the second half of the massage I do without my clothes on” she said while undressing.


“Nude? Why?” the manager asked. He was curious now.

“A massage has to be comfortable and I have get really close to the client while massaging, there is no way around that, right?” Jenny asked. The manager nodded again and Jenny continued explaining.

“So what is most comfortable, skin against skin, or skin against some zipper or whatever I have in my clothing?”

“Skin” is all the manager could say, now having a bit of problems breathing, looking at the very naked Jenny standing in front of him.

“See, when I have to massage his chest, I have a sit right on top of him in order to be able to massage in the upwards position. If I was standing on the other side I couldn’t do that.”


“And then of course. when I’m on top him, we’re both naked like this and he even has a boner that I admittedly helped stimulate, then it would really be strange if the clients penis wouldn’t find it’s way into my vagina some times.”


“I see your point, Jenny, but …”

“Yes yes, it’s not allowed according to our policies, but I also don’t think any of my clients complained about this”.

“But for how long are you going to, uhm … massage his chest” the manager asked.

She turned around. “Just for a few minutes – but I’ll spend perhaps 10 minutes massaging his lower legs.”


At that point the client started moaning more and then suddenly it was evident that he had cum in her, because cum was dripping out of the pussy. She wiped it away and continued massaging his head. His actual head.

“And … we’re done” she said, smiling. The client was smiling too. He got up and left and Jenny started tidying up the massage bench, while listening to her manager.

“You’re breaking some policies, but I don’t see any harm done, as such. But tell me Jenny, why are you doing this?”

“To make the clients happy, of course. It’s working!”

“Yes it is” the manager admitted. “Perhaps we should take a look at our policies instead of ruining your good initiative.”


Jenny smiled.

“Jenny, my back is a little sore, can you stay an extra hour?”

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  1. Now that’s one smart boss. I’d definately be thinking the same thing if I was him. Need those occasional massages and who better to get them from than your best employee.

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