Female Boxing

We tried to make it work without the nudity but it just didn’t attract enough audience. So eventually we had to offer rewards for nudity. It attracts the crowds and that’s what pays the bills, so it was really the only logical choice.

They started arranging fights wearing less clothing than before, and it increased the audience, but not enough.

They tried with short skirts, but it was still not enough.

Only when two of the girls, as an experiment, wore nothing under their skirts, did we get a real reaction. The audience loved it and the next fight we had a lot more audience.

However, to our surprise, the girls chose to go bottomless rather than topless. I guess it makes sense because if you are boxing, you don’t want to be bare on your upper body.

They experiemented with different combinations of wearing tight swimsuits under their clothes, but bottomless turned out to work best for both the boxers and the audience and our coffers.

After a while they stopped wearing even skirts and simply went bottomless. This was to be less encumbered by the clothes.

Of course it helped that some of the girls were also wearing sexy clothes in general, enhancing their cleavage.

It evolved a bit and the audience wanted more. In one case, it turned out a girl had been pumped full of cum before going on stage and as she fought, it leaked out of her.

The audience loved it!

Of course it became common practice to ensure cum in every pussy performing on the arena. Security would check the girls in the dressing room and if there was no cum dripping from their pussy, they would solve that issue personally.

Some times, if the deposit was almost empty, the security guard had to provide a refill, just to be sure.

One unexpected bonus to this policy was that they no longer had to pay a salary to the security guards. There were plenty of volunteers.

It made for more interesting fights and a sustainable business model.

Thanks for reading. This has been an AI image generation experiment.

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