A new career on my 18th birthday: Part 6

Although I had a good day job now at a massage parlour, my boss suggested a way for me to make a little extra money. At night time, when I would come home, I was to not lock my door. He also told me to sleep in the nude. Then someone would come in at night.


I would be sleeping, tired from a day of hard work, but he would be touching me as he saw fit. As I would be sleeping anyway, it would be very effortless to me.

If I was lucky, he would even fuck me. Since I would be sleeping I wouldn’t notice it. You may ask why I should count myself lucky if he would fuck me. Well, as my boss explained it to me, I would get the $5 bonus for a client served and I wouldn’t even have to do anything for it myself. I could just lie there and sleep. Making money in my sleep! Sounds really good, huh!


Of course, there would also be times when I would find up to $25 on my bedside table when I woke up the next morning.

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