A week with Padme – Monday

This week started with a kind of revelation. I was on a date with Anakin, when I discovered something that I should have known for my entire life. I don’t know how I missed this, because I need it so often, just when doing the ordinary daily choirs that a princess has to do, such as represent the country at formal dinners.

The revelation came from the afternoon with Anakin, when my shirt fell down a few inches.


When that happened, Anakin completely changed his behaviour. I am pretty sure his behaviour change was caused by the exposure of my nipples, because I caught him looking directly at them.

This date was going nowhere, but I was happy I had learnt this valuable lesson. You can change someone’s behaviour with simple means, such as exposing a nipple. As the ruler of my planet and the responsible person for our diplomatic affairs, I would have to utilize this fact, whenever it was appropriate.

I say diplomatic affairs, because they are actual affairs. You wouldn’t believe how many times you have to give in to foreign diplomats and their needs, to stay in good standing with the planet they represent.

Anyway – tomorrow I was going to investigate the revelation I had received today – that men change if they see a nipple. I need to know ways to manipulate men, as most diplomats are in fact male.

2 thoughts on “A week with Padme – Monday”

  1. Ever since I found this site many months ago the pictures in this set have been broken links. I would love to be able to see them. Will these ever return to working order?

  2. The images were deleted by Blogger long ago from an error in Blogger. That is the main reason why I switched to a self hosted WordPress blog. Sorry, those pics are long gone – I’m at least as annoyed as you about it 🙁

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