A Week With Rachel – Friday

Friday is my day of party. I have to work today, but Saturday is my day off, so I can part all afternoon, evening and night after I get off. From work, that is.

I decided not to wear anything too risky to work and save it for after work. I decided to go out with Monica. The funny thing is, I had been bottomless so much this week, that Monica thought I was going to be it today. When I met her in the city, she hadn’t brought any bottom at all.


I felt so bad that she was bottomless, and I just wore a regular dress, that I pulled down my cleavage to display my tits. You know, out of loyalty. Amazingly, my tits got even more attention than Monica’s bottomlessness.

I think that might be way Monica did what she did. Kind of foolish of her, but I guess it was fun. When we got in the car to go to the party, there was some alcohol – of course. While I was getting drunk, without noticing it, Monica had removed my panties.


I still hadn’t noticed it when we arrived at the party. It wasn’t until later it became clear to me that I wasn’t wearing panties.

Thinking I was wearing panties, I had no problem sitting or dancing in any way I wanted.

At one point, when I was dancing, the guy gestured for me to take off my top. I thought, why not – my tits had been on display most of the night anyway, so why not. Only then I noticed how naked I now was. No top – and no panties either! Before I could even think about where I had lost them, my dancing partner had shoved his cock into my pussy.


I know what you are thinking. What right does he have to do that? Well, none at all – but to give him credit, I was completely naked and in front of him dancing. What was he supposed to think. In fact, if he hadn’t tried anything, it would be kind of weird, wouldn’t it. I would have taken it personally.

As he fuck-danced me around the floor, a second guy tapped his shoulder. I thought “Oh no, is he going to take over the dance and then I have to have another cock in my pussy”. But that didn’t happen. He didn’t replace the first guy. He supplemented him.


I tought Monica’s little practical joke had gone a little out of hand now, but then I came to my senses. Of course Monica hadn’t foreseen all of this to happen. Her knicking my knickers had just been a small prank.

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