A Week With Rachel – Sunday

Last day of the week and I was supposed to go to the coffee shop. I say supposed to, because that’s not really what happened today.

Today I wanted to try something special. I knew I needed an amazing tip to pay the rent this month, so I considered going completely naked. I was looking at myself in the mirror, trying to make up my mind.


I know it’s quite courageous to go naked, but it had been fine to go bottomless, I had made a lot of tips – and with all I had experienced this week, why not top it off by going naked?

I chickened out in the end, though, put on a dress and went to the coffee shop.

I never got to the coffee shop, though. Something fantastic happened instead. I was offered a job!

The guy asked me if I wanted to make some fast money and a good job – “you’ll get $200 dollars per day” he said. I instinctively said yes, because that was exactly what I wanted.

“Oh one thing, though” the guy said, “you have to be naked.”

That made me stop. I was just about to show him my middle finger, when I realized something. Today I almost went naked to the coffee shop, and there I just have to serve coffee. What if I could make more money on just being naked and not even having to serve coffee?

I accepted. It turned out be a really odd marketing agency, advertising for some telescope with naked ladies and inappropriate slogans. I guess ATTENTION is the keyword here.


“Was that it?” I asked.

The guy shook his head. “No, we need more shoots. Put this on and lie down over there”

“Ohh, I am not going to be naked this time” I asked. He just smiled. Then I saw what he had given me. Well, it was definitely not covering me at all. When I laid down a naked guy entered the room. I didn’t want to act too surprised – I had just been in a photoshoot with a telescope, so this was really no more surprising.

The guy came closer and came … very close. I didn’t move. Then, he made a determined movement with his hand, where he shoved his cock into my pussy in one move. I still didn’t move. This was really avantgarde – more than I was comfortable with. But I also thought about the 200 dollars at this point. I smiled to the camera.


“Excuse me, does he have to move inside me, when it’s just still pictures?” I managed to ask. I thought it was a fair question and so did the photographer.

“You are actually right, Rachel, thank you. Let me get the video camera.”

Not exactly what I had in mind, but at least he listened to me. The male model eventually came in me. It was unavoidable the way he moved about. Annoying but expectable.

“Do I get my $200 now?” I asked, when he had finished. “200 dollars?” the photographer just repeated.

“Yes, you said this job would get me $200 per day. Don’t back out on me now!” I was getting a little angry. I know what he said. I know what I heard.

“Yes, Rachel. That is IF you get the job.”

Ohh, so that was it. A understandable mistake? A misunderstanding? I think he did on purpose, but he was right, he hadn’t said that I got the job at all. As it turned out, though, they were satisfied with my work. They said I had a refreshingly free spirit. I considered whether to even take it at all. This was not what I had expected of this job. Then I thought – why stop now, when I’ve gone this far?

Next time, I was put through some quite similar exercises. Oh yes, I was really working hard for those 200 dollars.


After a couple of hours of photoshoot and cumshots, I thought we were about to finish, but the photographer just kept waving more men into the studio and kept taking pictures. “When are we done? I think I’ve earned those 200 dollars now!”

“But … I said per day” the photographer said, “200 dollars per day. You’ve been here for 2 hours, so there would be just about 22 hours left, wouldn’t there?”

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