Agent Pink

I was trained for a very particular purpose. To act as an agent on behalf of my country to distract foreign marks.

My mark here suspects nothing at all, because I am just a small asian girl, not someone who anyone would suspect is a secret agent, searching for foreign secrets.


After arriving at the home of the mark, I would immediately start flirting aggressively.

The mark would forget to pay attention to the secrets in the silver suitcase.


Here is the thing. What I can do is something that most of my male counterparts cannot do.

See, it happens to be so, that the marks of the world are mostly middle-aged men, easily seduced by a sexy young asian flirt like me. I would usually be on a timeline to get the secrets, so I did not have time to play tricks with them or find alternatives, but would usually have to immediately make advances at them, such as sucking their cock.


In some cases – actually in all cases – it would quickly turn into full blown sex. I would simply get undressed and get on them and start fucking them.

By sitting in front of them, I would then block the view to the suitcase. Our research showed that about 2 minutes into the fucking is the time the mark is most distracted and that is when my fellow agent would sneak in and take the secrets.


Of course, even after the secrets were taken, I would continue fucking the mark, to make sure my cover was not blown and also to make sure the secrets would be far away by the time the mark would discover that I had tricked him.

Usually I would let him cum and the time that takes approximately matches the time I am supposed to keep his attention away from his suitcase of secrets.


I am pretty new to this job. In fact, I am still undergoing training. So far I have trained every day with a fellow agent, pretending to be a mark. For two years now, I have perfected the art of deceiving some future foreign mark that might have secrets. It might seem like a long time, but when it’s real, I have to be sure to get it just right, because there are no do-overs. Although I would like it if they could tell me for how much longer this training is supposed to go on.

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