An actor misunderstood

I went to an audition at a director’s house. The part was for a bank robber and I had been given a full bank robber’s outfit, complete with mask and fake gun and everything.

After 2 hours of auditioning, most of which was without me, the director finally called for a break and I was told my scene would be up after the break. I excused myself and asked to go to the bathroom so I could be ready 15 minutes later, when the break was over.

When I entered the upstairs bathroom, I was at least as surprised to find the director’s wife in there, taking a shower, as she was to see me in there.


Apparently she had no idea that there were people in the house. I was about to excuse myself and leave, when she said “Please don’t hurt me”.

She thought the outfit was real and probably that I was there to rob the house or something. “Take anything you want, just don’t hurt me.” I was shocked and didn’t say anything back. I just looked at her. Maybe it was because I looked at her so intensely, not saying anything, that she suggested what she did. “OK, you can fuck me, as long as you don’t hurt me!”

She pulled my pants down and put my already erect cock in her mouth and started sucking it.


Between sucks, she said “please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything”. She kept sucking me until my cock was completely hard, then she put on foot up on a little stool and said “OK, come on, take what you came here for”. She was very focused on making sure that I, the robber, would not think that she was not being cooperative.

I didn’t have any ability to not just go along at this point. She was standing right in front of my hard cock with one leg up. I went to her ass and pushed my cock in hard.


I had only little time left until people would start looking for me, so I did not take my time with her. I fucked her hard and fast and it was a wonderful feeling when I came in her.

“Go in the shower and get cleaned up” I told her – I said it with a whisper, so she couldn’t hear my real voice. She went in the shower and got cleaned up and I went downstairs. I kept the mask on and went to the group of other people auditioning for the same role, also wearing black mask.

Minutes later, the wife came down, wearing a bath robe. She was about to yell to her husband, when she saw what he was doing, that he was having an audition with 15 people wearing masks. I knew that if I had left immediately, they would know it was me, but I made the smart choice of staying put. I could almost see what thoughts was running through his wife’s thoughts.

If she told her husband and tried to find the person that fucked her, her husband might very well ask why she seemingly willingly sucked and fucked a stranger entering the shower. She decided to keep her mouth shut and went back upstairs. For a moment I considered going up there again for seconds, but realized just how stupid that would be.

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