Anandi the American – Part 7 – In public

The next morning, Anandi was a bit groggy from the alcohol and perhaps from giving two guys a blowjob. When she awoke, she found Linda taking a picture of her sleeping on the couch.


“G’morning!” Linda said, when she noticed Anandi was awake. “Uhhmm, I just wanted you to see how cool you look while you’re sleeping like that, so I took a few pictures to show you.”

Linda gave her cell phone to Anandi and Anandi scrolled through the pictures. She didn’t like them, but liked Lindas approval. She also noticed that there were no other pictures on the phone. “And the pictures from last night?” Linda asked. “I deleted them, didn’t think you wanted to see them” Linda told.

“Good” Anandi said as Linda handed her a nice sandwich for breakfast.

Linda had of course deleted the pictures from the camera as promised, but of course she keeps a copy of the pictures on her computer, just in case Anandi would want to see them again some time.

“I packed a bag for us, let’s have some fun outside today, you have hardly been outside for two days!”

Linda was right. “What’s in the bag?” Anandi asked curiously. “It’s a bag full of fun, you’ll see”.

They went out to the park and Linda kept talking and snapping pictures of Anandi.


Anandi was still a little hung over from last night. Linda took out a nice bottle of refreshing orange juice and took a big sip and held it out towards Anandi. Just as she reached for it, Linda pulled it back and said “Your panties for a sip”.

“Come on” Anandi said.

“Come on” Linda just said back “no one will notice if you do it subtly”.

Anandi was easy to convince and sat down as she eased her panties off. The fresh cold air on her pussy felt weird. It made her tummy tingle from the strange sensation. Yes, she was getting a bit wet.

“Let me see” Linda said, referring to her now pantyless pussy. Anandi let her legs relax a bit and allowed Linda and her camera a glimpse of her pussy.


“That’s soo nice!” Linda said.

“Go in that restroom and change into this!” Linda said and handed Anandi a little plastic bag. Anandi was having fun and decided to play along. This was quite exciting.

Anandi put the outfit on. It was a denim skirt (and panties!) but the kicker was a nice nearly see-though shirt. She put it on and looked at herself in the mirror. Her breasts were kind of visible. She slowly opened the door and peaked out. “Come on out, show yourself, I’m sure you look great!”


“But …” Anandi said, referring to the obvious, her large nipples partly visible through her shirt. “Yeah, that’s kind of the point, you know, wouldn’t be fun otherwise!”

Anandi was feeling kind of funny. Her tummy tingling and her pussy warm and moist. She looked at the mirror again. Yes, she looked like one of those popular girls wearing provocative clothes, the ones that she had always looked up to. I guess this was it – was she one of them now!?

“Let’s go”. At first Anandi was reluctant but Linda lead the way and they both went out into the city. Anandi got so many stares from guys admiring her full breasts.

As it was getting late, Linda gave Anandi another bag and pointed to a nearby clothing shop where she could borrow a changing room.


It was a tight sexy little outfit with long boots.

“Party time!” Linda yelled.

They both went clubbing and danced with guys, drank vodka shots and even kissed a few random guys. Anandi was finally really feeling like one of the girls.

Later in the night she even went to a back room with a guy and had a good fuck with him, satisfied the urge for sex that she had had ever since Linda had made her pose without panties this morning.


It was a good round of fast and dirty sex of passion with a guy she had never met before. She was giving in to her passions.

When she left, however, she couldn’t find her shorts and had to leave without them, leaving her completely bottomless.


Luckily Linda was there, as always, to rescue her. She got in her car and Linda took her home.

Anandi was living the wild life now, but she knew she was under the protection of Linda and was thankful for that. Had it not been for Linda, she would not have had the courage to live this life.

Of course, Anandis life was about to get even wilder than she had even imagined was possible.

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  1. I’m sorry grinch but this is not my favorite but my opinion doesn’t matter you do have a lot of great stories hope you do a series that involve age play… I think that’s what its called better yet school uniform

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