Appearance on stage

Who was he to tell me I had to go over there. He said it in such a commanding voice that I was offended by it. But he did sound very confident about it, so I went over there.


“Who are you?” I asked skeptically. He just smiled and grabbed my hand. “It’s OK, I am costumier”. He was french and difficult to understand. “Oh”. I calmed down. “You’re the guy who puts costumes on us?”

“Yes Ashley, that is what a costumier do”. Oh, so he already knew my name. I guess I’m a little slow. I had been hired for this theater performance. I wanted to participate in this prestigious french theater badly, so I had already signed up for a role. The pay was not too good, but it would be a great stepping stone into other theaters as well. This one theater would be a great beginning of my career.

When I had signed up, I had also signed that I would endure semi-nudity as part of my performance. I know how the french are, all topless at beaches and probably everywhere, so it would be perfectly natural to expose a nipple or two in a french theater performance. I had no problem with that.

“Ashley, let me put these boots on you” he said, and took out two long black boots. He helped my put them on.


Those were big boots. They almost went up to me crotch. What a weird costume.

“I haven’t even been told what my part in this theater performance is yet.” I said to the costumier.

“Yes?” He said.

I paused … “Yes?” I said back.

“Miss Ashley, I am the costumier, not the director. You will be singing and dancing is all I know. Now get up, and let me see how those boots fit you.”


Dancing in those boots? No one said it would be easy to perform in a theater, but those boots were damn heavy.

“Ah, looks good” the costumier said. “Now, we will find the rest of your outfit. Hmm …”

I stood patiently in my big boots and waited for him to finish that thought.

“Miss Ashley, that top is actually OK. Can you wear it in the performance.”

“Sure” I said, without hesitating. “Are you sure?” he said again. “I would have to have you sign an addendum to your contract, saying it’s ok that you perform in your own top and not one provided by the theater.” He went through a pile of papers and handed me a piece of paper, already prepared for this kind of situation.

I certainly had no problem with wearing my own top. Why would I? So I signed the paper.

“Good”, he said. That’s when he did something entirely unexpected. He pulled off my panties.


I was in shock. He had handled me with such authority that I didn’t protest at all – he pulled them off and I was bottomless. That is, except for the big boots. Instead I asked him politely.

“Excuse me Mr., but do you plan to give me some clothing for my bottom?”

He looked at me with wrinkles in his forehead. “For your bottom? But you did sign the contract saying you should expect to be performing semi-nude, did you not?”

I nodded. “Yes, I would not have a problem exposing my breasts or even going topless. But going bottomless is an entirely different thing.”

“But …” He paused for a moment, and looked at the addendum I had just signed. “But it says here you are going to wear that top. You are not going to be topless. How, then, can you be semi nude if you are not bottomless?”

It was rhetorical question. No need for me to answer it. Everything he said was true – of course I needed to be bottomless if that’s what the costumier chooses. And it’s not in violation with any contract I’ve signed. Quite the opposite. So I would just have to perform bottomless instead of topless. What’s the big deal. Besides, this was a great opportunity to get some experience with theaters and get a great reference.

The costumier took out a small bottle with some oil in it. “This is the last part of your costume. Your pussy needs to be greased up a bit. I will give it the correct shine effect and open it up a bit too.”

He didn’t let me apply it myself. He just began.


“But why? Can the audience even see that?” I asked.

“It’s all in the details” he said. “Everything has to be perfect.”

“But … can’t I apply it myself” I said. There was no point now, where he was already rubbing these oils on my pussy with this hand. But would he have to do this before every performance?

“No. I already told you. It has to be perfect”.

The costumier looked quite thoroughly at my pussy. To the point where it made me uncomfortable – more uncomfortable than I already was, being bottomless, hi rubbing my pussy with oils.

“Something’s … wrong” he said, still looking at my pussy. Wrong!? “Yes, something’s definitely wrong. Tell me young girl, why does your pussy not open up?”

I didn’t know too much about what it was supposed to do. I was a virgin. Well, not in the technical sense – I was riding horses younger, where my virginity broke one day after a rough ride. But I had never had sex with anyone and didn’t know much about the whole thing.

“I don’t know” I said, which was the most honest thing I could say.

“You don’t know. Well, it’s your pussy, so you should know. How would I know?” He asked. I was embarrassed. Yes, it was my pussy – why didn’t I know this?

It slipped out of me. “I’m a virgin” I said.

“A virgin!?” he repeated. “We can have no virgin pussy on your stage.” He shook his head. “Sorry girl, we will have to find someone else.”

I was terrified. Was I going to miss this opportunity. Perhaps I would never get this opportunity again. “Isn’t there something you can do. Maybe if you help me lose my virginity?”. This wasn’t exactly how I had imagined myself losing my virginity, but I was tired of being a virgin and this sounded as good a time as any to stop being one.

“You don’t understand, Ashley. One single fuck would not be enough for your pussy to react like a normal pussy. Your pussy would have to be penetrated every evening just before the performance, probably for weeks. I do not have time for that. Sorry” … I looked at him with begging dog eyes. He looked like he was going to give in. “I guess…” he said, then paused. My eyes lit up … maybe there was a chance after all. “I guess me and my assistants can all take shifts fucking you, and we can make it work. But you have to promise us that you won’t leave the theater after we’ve trained your pussy. With all that effort put into you, we would not want you to join a competing theater.”

I nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, yes. I promise!”. He looked at me with squinted eyes. “One moment” he said, and left the room.

I was so nervous. Had I said something. Was the deal off, after all? I sat there alone in what felt like an hour, but only 10 minutes had passed when he returned. “It’s important to have everything in writing” he said, handing my another addendum to the contract. I read the contract. I promised that I would stay with the theater for at least 2 years. In exchange the customier or someone else employed with the theater, would fuck me at least once every evening, until my pussy was fit to perform or the contract ends …

They would help me every evening and in exchange I had to stay there for at least 2 years. As soon as I finished reading the last sentence, I signed the contract. As soon as I signed the contract, I looked up and felt a horrible pain in my crotch. The customier had inserted his dick into my virgin pussy with all his force.


I didn’t scream, even though the blinding pain didn’t stop. Each time I adapted to his cock in my pussy and it actually started to feel good, he pounded it even deeper into me, until it was all the way in. He kept going and then came in me. “Your costume and your pussy is now ready for the practice for today. Go on stage, but squeeze your butt cheeks together so none of the cum can escape.” He said, leaving.

That’s it. I’m no longer a virgin – but I will be part of a great theater group for the next 2 years! I’m really looking forward to that. I just hope they don’t deem it necessary to fuck me every day the next 2 years. With a little luck, my pussy will be trained earlier than that.

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