Brothels without Prostitutes

We were a little group of guys who got a great idea. What if there was a brothel, but those working there were not prostitutes – and they were happy to be there and do their jobs of getting fucked – and they didn’t get paid.

It sounds impossible, but we actually made it happen.

After we got the idea it took about 3 months of hard work before we succeeded! I was the first one to make it work. Here I am with my girlfriend.


I am telling her about a little fetish of mine. We have sex almost every day – at least 4 or 5 times a week (we are young, what can I say). Over the last few months I tried a few times to hint about my fetish. The others guys in the group did the same.

I told her my fetish is that I like to blindfold her and tie her when we have sex. She was happy to play along – after all, she knew that I would do the same for her.

After tying her arms I very silently signaled for one of my buddies to come in. He was waiting outside for the right moment.


He was extremely careful not to make a sound. We had practiced this and he was walking in his socks. Just to make it a bit easier, I had put some music on.

My friend came in and carefully crawled up on the bed. Then he started fucking my girlfriend.


It’s win-win-win.

My girlfriend certainly enjoyed it.

My friend enjoyed it too.

I wouldn’t say that I exactly enjoyed seeing my girlfriend getting fucked. Well, maybe a little. But I certainly enjoyed the thought that I had now earned one “credit” and could spend that fucking the girlfriend of one of the other guys. I had my eye on one of them in particular.

One of the other guys succeeded a few days later.


Exactly as before, the friend was able to sneak in after the girlfriend had already been tied and blindfolded.

He carefully crawled on the bed and started fucking her.


The project was a great success.


One after one, more guys joined the club by delivering their “entrance fee”.


We had found the recipe. By going missionary and keeping a distance, no one got caught.


A few times it almost went awry, like this time when the boyfriend touched her arms, but luckily the girlfriend didn’t notice there were three hands on her.


The best part of it was the girlfriends really enjoyed it too. They got some fresh sexual energy from their new partners.


This little club became very, very popular and more guys wanted to join. Of course, they were all sworn to secrecy.

But it meant that some of the guys might have been pushing a bit too hard for it.

This guy thought he had things under control but it didn’t turn out the way he planned.


He got her pants off and his friend inside.

But you see, there was a problem …


Can you see what it is?

It’s a question of size.

When he started fucking her, she moaned like her boyfriend had never heard before.


“Oh my god, you’re so big” she said and moaned.

“But … how … what’s going on here!?”

Because she could feel something was wrong, she managed to shake the poorly tied blindfold off and she could see what was going on – and it was exactly what she thought.


When she saw the guy fucking her she was of course shocked.

The boyfriend didn’t know what to do. The jig was up.

The friend also froze and stopped fucking her. Then the surprising reaction came from the girlfriend. “No! Don’t stop! Fuck me right now!”

Now there was no need to keep a safe distance and the guy crawled up next to her and fucked her deeper than she had ever been fucked.


…and for some reason, the creep boyfriend felt this was the right time to start jerking off.

That’s the story of how this one girl got a new boyfriend.

And it’s also the story of how it happened that we stopped our little club. Of course this girl told her friends what happened and none of us dared to do the blindfolk scheme again because any one of our girlfriends could have heard the story.

But it was fun while it lasted!

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