Charmed – No subtitle needed – Chapter 2

The three Charmed girls had already done some nudity previously in their careers and the investors of the Charmed show wanted to make sure they were ready for that in the Charmed show as well, in case they needed it. That’s why before they even shot the first scenes of the first episode, they started with some nice promotional pictures.


The promotional shot above featured the three Charmed girls in bras with nipple slips. The nipple slip was planned to a be a repeated happening in the show. After the producers decided not to do any nudity in the aired show, they had a very hard time editing out all the nipple slips.

One of the more revealing posters featured some more nudity and was sure to attract a lot of attention for the show, had it aired.


They also did individual nude shots of each actress.

Holly Marie Combs had a wonderful shot made where she was posing completely nude.


It was not supposed to be as revealing as this shot, but as they took pictures continuously throughout the session, they got a few very good shots out of it while Holly was changing positions.

Holly made more promotional shots made, but none as impressive as the one above.

The investors expected a lot of the exotic beauty of Alyssa Milano and made sure to get some great shots of her too.

For promotional material, they initially made an artsy nude shot, but warned her that they would need much more than this.


Finally they went to Shannen Doherty. They knew that she was a little unstable, having previously been to jail, cheated with checks and other things. They had to make the contract with Shannen Doherty a little sharper than for the rest of the girls. She had to comply with their requests for posing for promotional material for the show and she had to sign that it might, among other things, include nudity. They even made the terms for her not complying with the contract quite terrible – she would have to pay back all salary she ever got for the Charmed show AND an extra fine of $100,000. In short, after signing the contract, she would HAVE to comply with it.

One great result that came out of it, was the following.


This particular promotional picture was never actually used and is seen now for the first time ever.

Further promotional material of Shannen Doherty was produced. But more about that next time.

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