Charmed – No subtitle needed – Chapter 4

Shannen Doherty had been tied up and violated after the last shooting. She had had nothing to do about it, because she already agreed to do ‘any’ promotional material. Although this wasn’t strictly promotional material, she couldn’t insist that, because then they would very quickly MAKE it into promotional material by publishing it.

They had her.

Funny thing happened, because she couldn’t do anything about it, she kind of gave up and did any and all nude scenes without protests – the effect being that the two other girls on Charmed, especially Alyssa Milano, got affected by this. They first noticed it when Alyssa Milano came on the set wearing a short skirt without panties, even though the script had not mentioned anything about whether she was to wear panties with the outfit.


Any revealing angles were edited out of the show, but Shannen Doherty as well as the producers had noticed this development – that apparently Alyssa Milano had become more comfortable with nudity. The intense influence of her role model, Shannen Doherty, had had an effect on her.

Shannen Doherty and the investors had the same thought at the same time. Shannen Doherty called for a meeting with the investors and was about the propose her plan, when the investors did exactly the same. One of the investors said, that for each time Shannen Doherty could get Alyssa Milano to do whatever Shannen Doherty was supposed to do, Shannen Doherty wouldn’t have to do it.

Shannen was confident she could get Alyssa Milano to do more. She was like an older sister to Alyssa. She started by inviting Alyssa to a “Show Your Pussy” awards show for charity.


It worked! Alyssa showed up and it was great promotion for the show. “Unfortunately”, Shannen got ‘sick’ that day and Alyssa was none the wiser.

One thought on “Charmed – No subtitle needed – Chapter 4”

  1. Very nice,

    I hope they tricked Rose Mcgrown as well, when she joined.

    BTW I here they did a similar thing with the girls in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Do you have any of those missing clips?

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