Charmed – No subtitle needed – Chapter 6

The producers had Shannen Doherty motivate Alyssa Milano to have lots of nude shots taken. Her contract said to do nudity on the show, but it did not entail anything like this. However, Shannen Doherty’s contract was more aggressive and the producers could do pretty much anything they wanted with her.

Now they wanted a blowjob and they told Shannen Doherty. Given this request, she had only two choices – she could give the blowjobs herself or somehow convince Alyssa Milano to do it.

Alyssa was doing one of her regular nude shots, when Shannen had a, to her, surprising suggestion.


“Why don’t we go give the guys some blowjobs!” Shannen Doherty suggested. “What!?” Alyssa said in disbelief. Shannen just laughed “Ha ha, come on you prude! It’s just a fun time, I thought you were cool” Shannen said, pressuring Alyssa Milano to feel like she wouldn’t be cool unless she would give one of the investors a blowjob.

“Let’s do it, after all, they believed in use for this TV show, we should show them some appreciation” Shannen said.

“You wanna do it together” Alyssa asked. “I’m gonna do it too, but I’m too shy to do it together – Ha, you’re just to cool you wanted to do it right next to me, didn’t you!?” Shannen said. She had no intention of blowing anyone, so she needed to have Alyssa go to a separate room so she couldn’t see that Shannen was not doing her part.

“Go in there and give him a nice time!”


Alyssa gave the producer a nice, but very short time – he came only seconds after she got started with him, his cum blowing all over her. She couldn’t help laughing a bit and the photographer got this priceless photo.

When she came out, Shannen had put a little cream cheese on her chin, that she removed as soon as Alyssa had noticed it. It was the white and creamy proof that Shannen had done her part.

It became a normal thing that Alyssa Milano would give blowjobs to producers and investors every evening and Shannen Doherty would eat cream cheese.

Most times, Alyssa would be blowing several guys at once.


The producers and investors were happy – but more wants more.

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