Did I know deep down?

It all started with a truth or dare that escalated. I won’t go into details about that – it was the usual thing with spin the bottle, people giving me a too risky dare where I backed out and then later had to do something even more daring to save face.

Well, the end result was, somehow, that I had to be taken through the city by one of my friends for a full day.


Oh yeah, there’s a catch – I would be bound all along and she would have me in a leash.

She had bound the rope under my shirt and it was done very well. I was impressed, in fact. I thought it would be like I was just bound as a joke, but she literally had full control over me like this. One added twist was that she even gagged me. The gag was so hard, that I could barely even give out a muffled sound.

I knew she was gonna have a little fun with me, given that she was in a situation where she had full control over me. It’s a quite tempting situation for any normal human being.


Her first joke was to pull my skirt up. Bound as I was, I was unable to lower the skirt again. I tried for a while but figured it would just make it that much more pleasurable for her and then just ignored.

We got quite a few looks, walking down the street like this. One guy even smacked my butt as he walked by. Well, what can you expect, boys will be boys. Walking around with bare buttocks like this is quite an invitation.

She had some more fun, making me kiss her feet and whatnot – but it was obvious she was walking for a specific location.

There it was – two metal poles, down by the harbor.


It was part of an old billboard that had once been there, but now it was vacant. Well, until know where I was occupying it.

Having bound my arms and legs to each corner, she did now have full control over me, if she didn’t have it before. She replaced the gag with an even better one, totally covering my mouth. Good thing I didn’t have a cold, or I wouldn’t be able to breath at all.

This complete control, I guess, is why it took overhand for her. I think she went too far when started lifting my shirt to expose my breasts to random bypassers.


However, she didn’t think this was too much at al. In fact, she lifted my skirt again – and this time, she took a step that she could not easily undo – she cut my panties with a pair of scissors she had brought, leaving me completely pantiless – now with my skirt lifted, any passer by could get a good look at my exposed pussy.

I was happy for around 2 seconds when she started untying my hand. As soon as she had untied it, she tied it back up with my leg on the same side. Then she did the same with my other hand. With both my hands tied to my legs, I was really quite inhibited.

I don’t know if you can imagine it – it looked something like this.


In fact, it looked exactly like this. This is me. She carried me about 50 meters away to this platform. Now without panties and my legs forced spread by my arms, I could hardly be more exposed.

However, this was suddenly the least of my worries. “Here she is” I heard my friend say.

I could sense a man was there. It was not my sense of smell – it was my sense of touch, because he was goddamn grabbing me all over. I could hardly look up, but he was surely there. I know, because the next thing that happened was a cock stuffed in my pussy.


I screamed! Nay – I attempted to scream, but hardly any sound escaped my gag.

I tried to get out of the position, but all that happened was that I tilted to one side – and it really didn’t bother him too much.


He came in me and left me. Today had been a nightmare but now it finally seemed to be over. My friend – well it would be a bit much to call her my friend. We once dated the same guy but then he started dating me exclusively. Hmm … maybe this was about that time, maybe she felt I had taken her boyfriend away from her … ?

In fact, I had a dream about this. Of course. I had basically stolen her boyfriend and then I had let her tie me up and pull me through the city! How stupid could I be! But  … maybe …  did I deep down know that this would happen? Did I maybe put this upon myself subconsciously?

Hell no!

In any case, now it was over, he had left and my “friend” had had her revenge on me. Except – where IS my friend. I looked around as good as I could but couldn’t see her. Oh shit – one last twist on the plot – left fucked in public with my legs fixated spread. I had to give it to her – this was a quite well implemented revenge.

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