Discovering Kira – Part 1 of 3

I discovered Kira when I visited a friend of mine. Kira was his room mate and they shared some common living space, such as the kitchen and the living room.

When I visited my friend, Kira was sitting on the couch. I couldn’t help but stop and look. Kira didn’t notice, she just smiled and said hello.


My friend asked me to come to the kitchen, he wanted to talk to me without Kira hearing us.

“That’s Kira, my room mate. She is kind of oblivious to her own looks. She doesn’t notice when she is wearing something see-through. I guess she doesn’t look in the mirror that much. So don’t go and ruin it by telling her!” my friend asked.

I wasn’t gonna spoil it for him – or for myself for that matter. I went back to the living room and the three of us started talking about this and that.

“We are expanding right now” I told about my company “in fact, we need a new receptionist – do you have any experience with that, Kira?”

She shook her head “No”.

“That’s perfect, we need someone who doesn’t have any of the typical bad habits that receptionists get after a while. Are you available for an interview Tuesday afternoon?” I asked.

She looked in her calendar. “I’m available” she said “but I had never thought of becoming a receptionist”.

Tuesday afternoon, I was happy to see that Kira had made her way to my office and was waiting for the interview.


I showed Kira around the office at first. After showing her some boring office cubicles, I showed her the reception. She saw the girl I had planted there just for the occassion.

I had hired her from an event agency, told them we were doing a practical joke and that I needed a receptionist to sit in her underwear.


“You’ll be covering for our current receptionist while she is on leave for a couple of months, but if everything turns out well, you’ll get a steady job here” I explained “Oh, and as you can see, we encourage our receptionists to dress down a bit, as you can see – just to give a good first impression when people come in”. Kira nodded.

“So Kira, do you want to give it a try for a week and see how it goes?”

Kira nodded. “Sure, I’ll give it a try”.

“Alright, get in your work clothes and join our current receptionist, she’ll give you the manual on how to handle calls and guests”

Kira dressed down to her underwear and at that moment, I knew I had made the right choice.


I let her go to the reception and when I looked into the office, everyone else was looking but not making a big scene.

I went to a meeting and when I came back, I saw Kira standing in the reception, ready to greet guests, following the instructions in the manual.

Someone came in just ahead of me and I heard as she asked him who he was there to meet and whether he would like a cup of coffee while he waits. The guest managed to reply, despite the sight that met him.


In the following days, when I came to work around 9, she was already there and she didn’t disappoint. She was dressed nicely and invited guests and employees inside with a warm smile and a nice view.


After a couple of great weeks, we were planning to have a company party where customers would also be invited.

I asked Kira to wear some party clothes for the event. The outfit she chose for herself was amazing.


I imagined she probably thought that because her dress was black, it wouldn’t be sheer and that she, as my room mate had said, never looked in the mirror to confirm that.

Wow, what a look.

When she arrived at the party, she asked me something that made me think she was beginning to become a little more self aware. “Is my underwear visible through this dress?” she asked me.

I was surprised by the question and answered instinctively – “yes”.

“Oh, I don’t like that look”, she said and started taking her underwear off.


“I think this will be better. What do you think?” Kira asked me. I didn’t say anything, I just nodded.

Kira mingled among the guests and everyone seemed to like how she looked.

When she came back to greet me, I noticed why that outfit originally came with panties.


She smiled and went on her way.

One of the clients came to me and whispered “I heard she is your receptionist, is that true?” he asked. “Maybe I can come for a meeting one day – we can talk about that deal you’re always suggesting”.

Wow, the clients were really appreciating her, it seemed.

Part 2 coming up – learn how the meeting went.

Model: Yurizan Beltran

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