Distracted in class

Ms. Heintz had asked Jim to stay behind after class, as she was worried about him and wanted to find out what the problem was.

“Jim, thanks for a staying after class. Now, it’s clear to me, everyone, the principal that you have a problem in my class. You are doing well in geography, economics and English, but you are still struggling in my history classes. Why is that?”


“I don’t know” Jim responded “I’m just … distracted” he explained.

“Distracted? In which way? Is it another kid distracting you or what is it?” Ms. Heintz asked.

Jim waited a long time before answering. Maybe he could tell what distracted him, but he couldn’t make himself tell the very someone who was causing the distraction.

“I’m just distracted. I don’t know why” he said instead.

Ms. Heintz went up to Jim and pulled his collar. “Now Jim, you tell me what the problem is and I promise I’ll help you”.


Jim stuttered “OK, yes” …

He cleared his throat and finally decided that he had to confide in her. He didn’t have a believable lie handy.

“Ms. Heintz, I’m sorry” he said first. “It’s you … I can’t stop thinking about you”

Ms. Heintz stood back for a moment and looked at Jim over her glasses. Then she smiled “Boy, do you have a little crush on me?” she laughed. “I’m old enough to be your mo … uhmm … older sister”

“I know, but I can’t stop thinking about you, about how it would be to …” Jim paused, he couldn’t get himself to explain it to his teacher.

“Go ahead” Ms. Heintz pushed him “You should tell me, get it over with”.

“OK … Ms. Heintz, I can’t stop thinking about your breasts. They are so big and I fantasize about touching them” Jim finally said.

“Touching them? Hah. And do you think if you touch them, you can finally stop these silly fantasies and concentrate on your school work?”

Jim nodded. “Maybe, I don’t know” he said.

Ms. Heintz grabbed Jims hand and stood him up. Then she lowered her blouse while putting Jims hand on her breast. “There” she said.


Jim touched her breasts for a while and enjoyed it thoroughly. After half a minute he stopped.

“OK? Are you done?” Ms. Heintz asked him.

“I guess” Jim said “Actually … In my fantasies, I was always imagining you being naked in front of me. Not like this. This seems wrong” he said.

“And me being naked in front of you wouldn’t seem wrong?” Ms. Heintz countered.

“I guess you are right” Jim said. Ms. Heintz paused for a moment. Listen, everyone went home and the janitor won’t come for another 2 hours, so I guess there is no harm done in it. You have to be able to concentrate” she said. Then she pulled her blouse over her head, unsnapped her bra and lowered her panties in front of him.


Jim stood dumbfounded in front of Ms. Heintz while she was waiting naked in front of him.

“Well?” she just said, probably inviting him to grab her breasts again.

“Nice tattoo” he said. “Thanks” she smiled. “So, are you gonna get over this fantasy or what?” she asked.

“Right. Actually … Ms. Heintz … I really appreciate this, it’s very nice of you, but actually I think I have been fantasizing about having sex with you. I don’t think it’s only about the breasts. You are so … sexual” he said and bit his tongue. What an awkward word to use in front of his teacher.

“You cheeky little boy. Sexual, huh? Well, if that is what will take you back on track. Ms. Heintz leaned back on the desk and spread her legs. “Well what are you waiting for, we don’t have all day, I have to get home to feed my cats”

Jim dropped his pants and got in between Ms. Heintz’ legs. It was a very intimate position to be in with his teacher. She was so vulnerable in front of him. Their relationship changed forever, as Jim started pushing his cock into his teachers pussy.


There he was, finally in the middle of one of his own fantasies. Pushing his cock in and out of Ms. Heintz’ pussy. She moaned and smiled and laughed all at once. “Come on boy, live it!” she said.

Jim didn’t know the etiquette for fucking his teacher, so he just fucked her and when he started feeling the rush of the orgasm, he didn’t slow down or try to prolong it. He counted himself lucky to have gotten this far and was not going to take any chances. He just fucked and when the time came he came in her with a big groan.


“Quiet boy, there could still be others in the other classrooms” Ms. Heintz said and smiled. She got up and within a second found the roll of paper in her desk drawer, she wiped her pussy and gave the roll to Jim.

He wiped his cock and when he looked up, Ms. Heintz had already gotten dressed and left.

The next day in class, Jim was uneasy when the time came for Ms. Heintz class. It turned out she was not rattled at all and everything seemed like normal.

The session had not really helped, he was more distracted than ever. He was thinking about whether Ms. Heintz might notice it, but it seemed she didn’t. Near the end of the class, Jim was curious whether Ms. Heintz was going to ask him to stay behind again.

As the class ended, Ms. Heintz said “Please stay behind after class, Mark, we have some things to discuss”.

Ms. Heintz gave a discrete wink to Jim as everyone except Jims classmate Mark left the classroom.

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