Evaluating her reaction

Although my job is a tough one, I like it here at the insane asylum. I like to work with people. My job is to evaluate the mental state of each patient here at the insane asylum and determine whether they are ready to be released into society.

Basically, my job is to determine whether the patient is still insane. It’s quite simply, really, I just ask the patient questions and evaluate the answer, or put the patient in certain situations and evaluate the reaction. I have found that the latter is best, because patients can learn what the right answer is. It’s harder to learn how you’re supposed to react.

This morning I was evaluating Lisa, a quite unmanageable patient.


Some times Lisa manages to be quite manageable, but some times it’s more sane to be unmanageable, depending on the situation.

So, if I ask a patient to do something, they are not always supposed to just do it. Some times it’s more sane to say no. If I ask a patient to "Please jump off a bridge", it would be quite sane to reply "No I won’t, because that would kill me and I want to live". Or in other cases the correct reply could be "Yes, because that would kill me and I want to die". In that case the argumentation in the reply holds up, but it’s still not sane, because you are not supposed to want to die.

So you see, it’s not easy to evaluate what’s sane and what’s not. But it’s my job, so I’m quite good at it.

Many times I use a sexual scenario to determine saneness. I do that for two reasons. First, it’s something that everyone can relate to. If I ask about politics, the patient may not know enough for me to really evaluate the answer. Second, it’s quite enjoyable.

"If I take off your gag and your straight jacket, would do me a favor in return?" I asked her. Lisa was gagged so she couldn’t elaborate very much on her answer. But she did seem to nod. That’s a sane answer. What sane person wouldn’t want to get out of that straight jacket?

Of course, we can’t have a possibly insane person be completely uninhibited, so I had her fixated by other means.


"What are your thoughts right now?" I asked. Now Lisa wasn’t gagged any more, so she could give a real answer.

"Well, I’m happy to not be gagged anymore and to be out of the straight jacket, but I’m uncomfortable with being naked and bound with you right here." she said, as calmly as she could. I was very impressed by her. She didn’t freak out or anything. That was exactly the right answer. Of course she should be uncomfortable with that. That’s only natural.

Good reply. Maybe too good. She was suspiciously good at that answer. That’s an example where I can’t be sure that’s she’s actually sane, even though she gave a sane answer.

I have one good method of finding out more about her mental state. "Would you like me to rape you?" I asked. She looked very surprised and immediately answered loud and clear. "NO! No, I don’t want that. Don’t do that!" she said. There was no mistaking it. She clearly said that she didn’t want me to rape her. But what’s the truth? Only one way to find out.

I took of my pants, massaged my dick for a few seconds to get it nice and big. Then inserted it in her already stretched out pussy.



She kept saying the same thing she had said before. "No. Don’t rape. Please don’t. Don’t cum in me. Don’t do it. No. No." She was all negative. But that’s just words. I kept fucking her, not being put off by her words. As I fucked her more and more and each time inserted my dick deeper and deeper in her, the tone of her voice changed slowly to a higher pitch. She also started to pant.

Oh yes, she was getting very much excited. She kept saying no, but she got less and less convincing.

When I could hear she was really excited, I suddenly stopped. I didn’t pull out my dick, I just stopped. She looked at me, really confused about what was happening. "Come on, why are you stopping" she said and kind of tried to rock a little back and forth, but couldn’t because of her restraints. It was very, very obvious that she wanted me to continue.

I did. I began again and she started moaning louder again – so did I … then I came in her.


She looked down. "You … you came in me" she said. "I know. It’s my professional opinion that you wanted it". That’s right, she wanted it. She wanted to get raped. How sane is that? I guess she wasn’t sane at all. She wouldn’t get released to the public after this evaluation. She was definitely not sane.

I did want a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th opinion from my colleagues, so I left her like she was and sent a request for a clean up from the maintenance guy, and an email invite to the other guys here at the insane asylum. Who knows, maybe they think she’s sane enough.

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