Hazing at the supermarket

I work in a little supermarket with 3-4 cashiers, 3 shelf boys and a manager. I am one of the cashiers but I make it my business to make sure everyone is well received here. It’s like we are a little supermarket and we are a little family working there.

To encourage cohesion between us, we do hazing, like they do in universities. It really helps keep people together. We even got some inspiration from universities on how to do the hazing.

We went a nearby bar. It was just me, Thomas, one of the shelf boys and then the new girl, Carmen.


We blindfolded her and tied her hands on her back and we told to get ready for a bumpy ride, but that it would be totally worth it. We are paid well at the supermarket, I mean relatively well. It’s above minimum wage, slightly.

We entered the bar and at this point, Carmen still didn’t know where we were or what to expect. She only knew to expect something out of the ordinary. I was going to make sure we would deliver on that.

I didn’t say anything, I just started unbuttoning her shorts and pulling them down.


Carmen didn’t say anything. She had been instructed to not speak unless spoken to and I guess this wasn’t so far out of her comfort zone that she was going to stop the hazing in the middle.

I pulled her shirt up and exposed her bra. Still nothing. Then I pulled her bra off and let her stand there topless. She still didn’t say a word. She wasn’t supposed to say anything, of course, but even so, many times the hazing would stop midway and that’s OK, we are all adults here.

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But I guess Carmen took it more literally than that – or really needed the job – because even when I pulled her panties off, leaving her practically naked in front of an entire bar, she didn’t flinch.

Of course, she was still blindfolded and didn’t know she was in a bar, but she must have heard voices and beer glasses and other bar sounds.

I decided to parade her in front of a table of young men drinking.


One of them thought it was quite funny and did a little squeeze of her breast. That made her flinch for the first time and gasp, but she still didn’t say anything. I guess she didn’t want to break the haze just yet.

I decided to leave her for the guys to play with. I turned her around and slowly pushed her on to the table. The guys removed their beers and started playing with their present.


Two of them squeezed her breasts and the third seemed to have some massage apparatus that he used on her pussy. She started moaning ever so slightly, giving out little gasps with sound.

I went to pull her blindfold up and give her the big reveal to let her see where she was. I was sure she was going to get a shock and say something. She was shocked alright, but never said a word.


The boys were still playing with her.

“Can we …” asked one of the guys. I didn’t let him finish the sentence, but I knew that he was thinking of some sort of escalation. He was asking me, but I referred back to her. “I’m not her boss, sure you can, unless she says otherwise”.

Carmen looked unhappy, she was going to silently agree to whatever these guys had in store for her, as she had promised not to say anything and now I had given the guys a carte blanche to basically anything and she couldn’t say no or yes for that matter.


They sat her down on a chair and more people came to fondle her everywhere.

A couple of guys started pulling their cocks out. The first guy started out by poking her breasts with his cock. Another guy was manhandling her boob.


The guy finally built up courage to grab her head and put her mouth down on his cock. The mouthfucked her like that for a long time. I was thinking at that time that she couldn’t actually physically say no now in case she felt she was done with the hazing, but I figured she could still say it once he was done.

I went closer and could see that what was before a mouthfucking had now turned into her actually sucking his dick. I guess it would be preferable for her given the circumstances.


The guy came in her mouth and I thought another guy was going to replace him, but instead the next guy put her back up on the table. He started pushing his cock into her already moist pussy and did so with little effort.

Carmen was not exactly looking happy but didn’t say anything either. I couldn’t believe she was going to let it go this far.


The guys was fucking her bareback and despite being quite drunk, he didn’t last for long and he came in her.

I was going to break it up, but before I could, another guy went between her legs and pushed his cock into her. Had it not been a significantly larger cock, he might not have felt much, as her pussy was already thoroughly fucked now.

Just as I could see the guy with the big cock was cumming in her as well, I decided to break it up before it turned into a gangbang. She was not going to say stop, so I had to do it for her.

We got her up from the table and walked her out of the bar. That’s right, we didn’t bother to put her clothes back on.


I don’t know why we didn’t let her get dressed. I didn’t actively decide it or anything, but it just happened. Maybe because Carmen wasn’t protesting.

As we walked down the street, Thomas was leading her hands and I was checking some of the footage I got at the bar. This was going to be a great conversation starter on Monday morning.

Thomas then said “How about here?” and pointed to a lamp post. I was a bit confused. “How about here what?”

He held up some extra rope and smiled. Then he lead her to the lamp post and tied her hands to it.


Then he just stood there for a while. He was about to leave. “What? You’re just going to leave her there?” I asked, confounded.

“Sure, it’s pretty warm today, she will be fine.” Thomas said.

“Seriously? And are those strips at her neck?”

Thomas nodded “Sure, we can’t have her escape, can we?” Thomas started leaving and I left with him.

However, about 2 hours later, I regretted my decision and went back out to look for her. Sure enough, she was still waiting at the lamp post. As I got closer to her, I noticed fresh cum was dripping from her pussy.


I went behind her and started untying her. “Sorry Carmen, the hazing is over now. Welcome to the team!”

“Thank you” she just said.

As we walked back towards her house, Carmen asked me a question. “When is the next girl starting in the supermarket”. Uh oh, Carmen was not going to go easy on the next girl. What a crazy tradition I had started!

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