I’m Not Even a Boob Guy

I was watching television with my girlfriend in her house and we were having a slow afternoon. Just some popcorn and watching a movie that we had watched before.


Secretly I was looking around for a show that I don’t get tired of. The cleaner.

She was working hard and that was probably why she wasn’t wearing a lot of clothes, because the house was also quite warm. So she was always showing a big cleavage and today was no exception.

In fact, this was more than just a cleavage. Her boobs were hanging almost free under that overall.


My girlfriend had fallen asleep in the couch so I risked a really good look at her while she was cleaning.

Unfortunately she caught my glance and smiled.


Oh no, now what. This was embarrassing.

She left for the kitchen and I sat for a while and watched the movie and didn’t know what do.

I decided I had to go an apologize for it before she would tell me girlfriend or complain to her mom or something like that.

“Anything I can help with?” I asked in the kitchen. She showed me to a cloth on the floor to scrub.


Just as she was scrubbing over me, I moved to the other side and bumped into her.

I fell backwards. She didn’t fall, but the movement caused another accident.

Nipple slip. Boob slip, rather. Whoa. I had gone and made things worse.


I just stared. Then I snapped out of it.

This was probably a bad idea, but I figured I should help. I saw that something snapped in her overalls and I decided to try to fix it.

Probably not the most appropriate decision.


Then she noticed my growing boner.

She didn’t do what I thought she would. In fact I have no idea what she was going to do.

“You like?” she asked and grabbed my penis through my pants.

I figured it would be rude to say no. “Yes” I said. Even worse.


“Quickly, while she sleeps” she then whispered.

She stepped out of the overalls and got down on all four behind the counter in the kitchen.

I looked towards the living room and no one was there. Then I looked at the floor and saw her waiting for me.

It would literally be rude not to fuck her.


She was surprisingly tight. It took a few tried before my penis slipped all the way in.

It felt great the way her pussy enveloped my cock.

I started fucking her a little faster and then a little faster yet.

“Don’t cum” she said. A fair request. I continued for a bit longer and when I was not sure when I would cum, I pulled out. She immediately turned around and jacked me off and my cum came flying into her mouth and on her tits.


I hurried to the bathroom.

The cleaner put her clothes back on quickly and continued cleaning. Just as I was shutting the door to the bathroom I could hear my girlfriend ask.


“Is that … what is that on your …. chest”


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