Inappropriate employer

I couldn’t believe my employer would do that to me! Yes, I’m a maid, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything you want to. What an idiot!


Here I am, serving my rich employer. Yes, he pays well, but he also expects me to serve topless. That’s not problem, that’s not the thing I’m angry about. He and his friends behaved very inappropriately with me.

I was just doing my duty and serving the guys in my thong and heels. It’s a normal Wednesday for me. It’s just a job.

Now, something happened which was not acceptable.


At one point, my employer asked me to give him a blowjob. Well, that’s all fine and good, he pays well enough to expect that and that’s not really a problem for me. Usually he waits until his guests have left, but this time he wanted me to suck him right in front of him. Well, that’s OK, that’s his choice I guess. I don’t mind, it’s all part of my duties.

When I was done sucking my employer, he also wanted me to suck his guests.


I did of course. It’s only fair that I suck his guests too when I suck the host. It would be rude not to, in fact. I would consider it a professional courtesy. Not sucking his guests would be like bringing Champagne for just the host and ignoring the guests. I could never do that, it would not be professional.

So all this is OK, but something happened later, which was very inappropriate of my employer. It made me very angry. Let me explain to you what happened.

All three guys started fucking me at the same time. Apparently I was to be their fun party toy!


That’s of course fair. Fucking my employer, and by extention his guests is a completely natural part of my duties. That they want to fuck me on the same time is also fine. I mean, I wouldn’t bring one glass of Champagne after another to them, I would bring all of them a glass each at the same time so they could enjoy it together. Fucking is the same, they should enjoy it at the same time if they wish, make it a social activity.

That’s fair. But what really made me angry is what happened next.

They thought it would be funny to all cum in my mouth at the same time.


Well, of course they would think that is funny. It IS funny! If only they did that! They were careless! Completely careless. They came in my mouth but didn’t take care about hitting it exactly. I don’t know who did it, but one or more of them got cum on my collar! That is SOOO rude, that means I’ll have to wash it for tomorrow, because I only have that one. Now, with the night already late and probably a few more fucks to go before the night is over, I would have to stay up all night, washing the collar, being completely knackered in the morning when it’s time for the wake up calls.

I have a very inconsiderate employer!

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  1. If you would like to moonlight with a second job, I would love to hire you, your so beautiful and are such a hard worker.
    Please respond

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