Infiltrating a sect – Chapter 6

After having succeeded in becoming a fully valid member of the sect, I was awaiting new orders from the agency. While I was waiting, I was every evening attending meetings at the resort – most of the time it was Zacharias talking and everyone else listening. There were times I forgot that I am actually a secret service agent in the midst of infiltrating the sect, and I just listened, just because it was fascinating.

After a week or so, I was asked to start working as a waitress at the resort. Or … as a servant as he called it. He asked in a way that I couldn’t really say no. I hardly remember how he did it, but it was something like getting me to say thankyou for everything they had done for me – and just as I said it, he asked me whether I wanted to contribute to the order too. With everyone looking at me, it was impossible to say anything else than of course. Right then and there, he gave me my uniform and asked me to make sandwiches for everyone.


After that day, I came into work at the resort every day, from 7 in the morning morning till 10 in the evening. I had a half hour lunch break but was other than that working all the time. My jobs, besides waiting on guests, was also to keep the floors clean.

Most of the time, my breasts would almost be falling out when I leaned forward. I had discretely asked Zacharias whether they had this uniform in larger sizes, but he had not responded to the question, he just said this size was perfect for me.


While cleaning the floor, I would often have a full table of guests looking at me at the same time. I had some times noticed that it seemed like one of the other waiters were almost on purpose spilling food on the floor just in front of a table, just to see me do the cleaning.

This went on for three days, when the chef started making advances at me. The first time he did it, he did it while Zacharias was there. It was quite innocent at that point, I guess, he just said he wanted to have a closer look at those big breasts I had been teasing him with.


He certainly got a close look.

In the evenings, before I went home, we would still get together and hear Zacharias talk. I noticed something about myself – I was soooo tired from working all day, that I had no energy to talk back or even really listen to him. His voice was nice to listen to and it was my favorite part of the day – after a full day of work and humiliation, sitting together with friends, listening to Zacharias was like a blessing. I felt lucky to have met Zacharias and that he would spend so much of his time with me.

On the fourth day, being so exhausted and starting to get really, really tired of all the hard work, Zacharias came to my rescue. He said I would now have a 2 hour break in the middle of the day. Amazing news! It was a gift! However, he explained, as I was not on duty, I could not wear the uniform at that time. As I had no other clothes with me, I would have to be naked – but, as Zacharias said, he already knew I would have no problem with that.

“Right?” he asked. “No no” – I was not gonna let the gift of a 2 hour break get away from me.


I was enjoying my break in the kitchen, when one of the other members of the order came in. I instinctively put my waitress jacked over me, but then gave it a second thought and let it just hang on me.

I then saw Zacharias follow him in. “You’re wearing your waitress’ jacket” Zacharias observed. “I … I was cold” I said. “OK …” Zacharias responded “You should turn the heat on in here”.

“As you know, you’re an entry level member of the order, isn’t that right Liza” Zacharias asked me. I nodded. “Please lean back” he said “Spearhead here has reached the next level within our order – as an entry level member, you must allow any other member entry into your bodily vessel – please lean back”.


I didn’t get a chance to say, even think about the phrase to allow entry into my bodily vessel before “Spearhead” here had demonstrated to me what it meant. He inserted his finger and slightly licked my clitoris.

“Yes, allow it to happen – it is your duty as an entry level member” Zacharias repeated. “Just lean back. You will thank me for it later”.

I leaned back – Zacharias’ voice was giving me a calm about the situation and I let Spearhead continue. I couldn’t help but getting wet from his licks – but as soon as I noticed getting wet, Spearhead stood up and moved in on me with his “lower spearhead”. Apparently he is a “penetration level” member of the order.


“Yes, let it happen” Zacharias repeated. I did. I let it happen.

Spearhead went at it. Meanwhile, I got glimpses of images in my head of what I was doing there. I was a secret service agent and I was infiltrating the sect as part of my mission. I was here to help my country. I was awaiting further order from the secret service.

Zacharias noticed my distant look and said “Be in the moment, focus on your breathing, look me in the eyes”. I did and the feeling of getting fucked intensified. I closed my eyes and the images in my head was now of the Zacharias, the friendly voice, talking to me about life and new experiences, about inspiration and liberation.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of Spearhead growling – he had pulled out and was cumming all over my face. Even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t catch his cum. I looked up at little spearhead and saw it was dripping with cum on my tits.


“To complete the ritual, you must combine the life giver’s gift to you, with your own life supporters. Yes, like that”. I touched my own breasts and rubbed the cum into them. “Yes, just like that. You are tired – this will give you renewed energy and you will feel much better in the morning”.

I was exhausted – but this was just the 2 hour lunch break and I still had to get back to work right after. I wiped the cum from my face, put the uniform back on and continued with my work.

“You’ve done well” Zacharias said – “you have advanced to a new task”. “Really, I am no longer an entry level member”? I asked. “Ohh … hehe,” Zacharias responded “You have a new task tomorrow – but you will still be an entry level member for a while …”

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