Lost scenes from Lost – Chapter 1

Do you know who Evangeline Lilly is? If you’ve seen Lost you probably know her as Kate – but otherwise it’s quite unlikely that you’ve heard of her. Evangeline Lilly has acted before Lost but Lost was definitely her breakthrough.

Below is a promo shot to remind you about who she is.


Not only was Lost the breakthrough for Evangeline, it was also the breakthrough for the now-famous creator J. J. Abrams. Sure, he had been involved in a little show called “Alias” but Lost made him an A-lister, now internationally known. However, back then, only a few people knew Jeffrey Jacob Abrams or “Jeff” as people called him back then.

As is the case with so many other tv productions, Lost was shot a long time before it was aired. At this time, no one knew what an astounding success the show would be. The producers had to make sure they had footage to make the show a financial success and they did this primarily with Evangelina in the role of Kate.

You may remember Kate from Lost as seen below in season 1 episode 3 titled Tabula Rasa?


It was a really nice scene where we see Kate in a near see-through shirt that’s sure to have more than a few boys sit at home with their pants at their ankles. However, the alternative cut of that same scene might surprise you.

First, let me explain why this is done like that. Shooting a scene with ultra high definition equipment allows the editor and director to not only pick the scenes that give the best story, but also the section of the screen that best emphasizes the action. In the scene below, Evangeline Lilly, knowing this could be her break-through, agreed to allow a scene with some nudity. She was assured by Jeff that it would only be used if the show didn’t seem to be financially viable.


As you know, the show was a great success. Jeff (J. J. Abrams) kept his word and left part of the scene out of the show. That is, until now – the above is a preview of an upcoming “Lost Behind the Camera – Director’s Cut”. During the next weeks we will publish more exclusive previews of this interesting documentary that is sure to be an audience favorite.

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