Love potion – Chapter 1

I decided the best way to test it was to get a massage as I had so many times before.


Wait a minute, let me start from the beginning.

I’m a chemist. A chemist with an obsession. It’s an undisputable fact that people get attracted to each other, in part, through chemicals flowing through the air. Some call them pheromones. I call them chemicals because I decided to treat them as such.

I spent 6 months in night clubs, taking samples of the air between people who were attracted to each other. After 4 months I detected a pattern – and after 6 months I was sure. There was one chemical in particular that was ALWAYS present whenever people were attracted to each other. And it was not always there when people weren’t.

I spent 2 months after that, working on recreating this chemical. I had made it into a perfume. I predicted wearing it would make me irresistible to the opposite sex. Today was the day to test it, by wearing it when getting a massage.

“Time to turn over. You don’t mind if I get a little comfortable, do you?” the masseuse asked.


I was fine with it. In fact, this without telling her, this was what I was here for. To see if the love potion, as I had dubbed it, had any effect on her.

“Time to massage your chest” she said and sat with her legs on me.


She went on and on to massage my chest. Meanwhile I think I heard her moan a little. Maybe not. Maybe it was just heavy breathing.

She massaged my chest alright, but gradually she massaged lower and lower until she was almost at the towel. She then kept on going lower and massaged me through the towel, eventually touching my now erect cock through the towel.

“You like it?” she asked, then lowered the towel and started caressing my cock. She focused all her attention on it. She started masturbating it and moments later she was sucking it.


She kept going for a couple of minutes until I came. When I came, she didn’t remove her mouth, she kept it on, swallowed the cum and the bit of cum that fell to the side, she licked up like it was candy.

Then she wiped me off and left.

It seemed like the love potion had worked. Hmm, but it might just have seemed that way. She had given me a full body massage just as I had ordered and maybe, just maybe, it was normal to go all in on something like that. I wonder what would have happened if I was here and NOT wearing the love potion.

I decided to conclude that this was an indicator that my love potion was working, but that I needed more tests.

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