Miss Congeniality 3: No Limits – Part 5/7 More camera angles

Sandra was not happy that the camera angles were being changed. But the scene in which she discovered they were doing it, was not the one she was worrying about. She was worrying about the one they were gonna shoot later that day. It would be one of the most daunting scenes, she would be naked with her legs spread.

In the script it said it would be shot in the dark from behind, but now she feared he would shoot it from different angles, just as he had done with the scene above.


She was right. Gracie Hart was being trained by her modelling coach, played by Snoop Dogg, on how to seduce the guy arranging the contest. The scene had some funny moments, which actually had made Sandra laugh while she read it – and not worrying about things, such as whether they’d change the angle, which would be very exposing in a scene like this.

Sandra only had her part of the script, so the actions of the other actors would some times surprise her. For example, in one scene the boss at her work, had given her a friendly slap on the butt. As with any action done by anyone else in the movie, this action came as a big surprise to her. The same goes for the next one. Snoop Dogg pulled down his pants and started whacking off. “What the hell are you doing?” Sandra said, for the first time during the shooting, going out of character in the middle of a scene.

“It’ll be fun” the director John said. “He’ll cum in your hair. Remember how funny that was in ‘There’s Something about Mary’ with Cameron Diaz”.

“But that was … different – she thought it was hair gel” Sandra argued. John nodded. “Yea, we’re twisting it a little here. And … ACTION!” Snoop Dogg got up and started cumming all over Sandra’s head. “Remember to smile!” John yelled from the director’s chair.


Sandra Bullock smiled – or rather Gracie Hart smiled, because Sandra Bullock didn’t think this was funny at all. Yet, she didn’t want to break character now and risk having to reshoot the scene. Better finish it and ask questions later.

After the scene, Sandra went and talked to John. “Is that really going to be in the movie?” she asked. “Of course it is. It signals that Gracie Hart is desperate at this point in the movie. Don’t you think it’s quite desperate to let some guy cum in your face?” John explained. Sandra had to agree with him, but still had to ask. “There are no other scenes like this in the movie, is there?”

John assured her that this was it.

Sandra said, hoping they would not show the previous scene explicitly, went “And you’re going for a PG-13 rating – or R?” she asked.

“X” John responded.

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