Modern art

I am very proud of my art. I think new things that others don’t. That’s art to me. Art is also provocation. It makes you think.

I am very proud of this work of art.


These guests in the gallery are interested in discussing the art. They take pictures of it and have opinions about it.


But when they see my art, they really feel something.

There were already engaged, but when they came to me art, it became enthusiasm. Curiosity. Thrill!

The host was explaining the art as he did with any painting. “This is the centerpiece” he said.


He didn’t reveal too much, though. Part of the art is to be curious and try to understand the message. By understanding the message, you gain a connection to the art that you wouldn’t get if someone just told you what it was supposed to mean.

“Do you think they’re real?” one guy said. “They look pretty damn real to me” another guy pointed out.


Upon a closer look, one of them moved and all the guys were now convinced that they were real.

“Who’s back there?” one of the guys asked.

No reply.

This was part of the art. These woman were just their ass and nothing else. No voice. No body. Just an ass.

“Can I touch?” one of the guys asked the gallery host.

“Normally you can’t touch the art, but if you’re careful I think there is no harm”

He gently padded the butt and all doubt was gone that it was real.


After a few selfies I was sure that this art would become world famous.


After the selfie, the guys were looking around at each other, thinking about what to do now.

They had found this amazing thing and it seemed weird to just accept that it’s over now. Instead one of the guys decided to test out the limits of this art and started fondling the centerpiece more. I mean a lot more.

He lifted it a bit and even started fingering the pussy. I had instructed the girls not to move. They were as committed to my art as I were and didn’t move one bit. They knew this was part of the art. By fingering her, the guest became part of the exhibit.

However, that became literally true when he couldn’t stand the temptation any longer and pulled out his penis and inserted it in her pussy.


I was impressed now that the girl didn’t move, but it was in line with the statement of my art. The girls will just stand there and receive. They are just a pussy to be filled and everything else is secondary.


The guy had a truly epic picture taken that went around the world.

That was my rise to fame. My art started discussions. It started thoughts in minds that had never thought those thoughts before. That’s what my art is all about.

Some found it vulgar, others agreed, but understood the statement. It’s vulgar, so let’s all accept how things are. If it’s vulgar, let’s face it. If the female body is being used, why not call attention to it?

This was my mission.

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