My Drunk Wife at the Beach

My wife is quite hot – or is it just me who thinks so? I think everyone thinks she is hot because when we go to the beach, which we do frequently, all the guys stare at her.


My wife and I like to daydrink on the beach and get really drunk.

We don’t swim after we drink, but we just lie on the beach and have fun. We had just finished our second bottle of white wine in two hours and we were both very drunk.

That’s probably why my wife got the great idea of getting naked.


Anyone who would stop by and see us would be very lucky to get glimpse of my naked wife. She would rarely even get naked at home. Even while we would be having sex!

I went to pee near the shore and I was gone for about 5 minutes.

When I came back I saw two strangers fondling my wife. She did not look particularly comfy.


I got them away and we decided we had to move.

If we had not been drunk, maybe we would have decided to get dressed and leave, but we didn’t think that far. We simply picked up our blanket and went somewhere else a bit away from the shore where we could be in peace and finish our last bottle of wine.

I must have dozed off, because when I woke up, I heard some unfamiliar noises. I looked up and I saw my wife giving blowjobs to the same two guys.


Well, maybe “giving” is a little inaccurate. She seemed to be more or less a passive participant.

I was drunk too, mind you, and I just sat and dazed and saw what happened.

They put her down on the blanket and one of the guys started fucking her.


They switched positions and the other guy started fucking her from behind.


I decided to do the only logical thing. Well, it was logical to me at the time, but in my drunken mind it was important that I document this.

I figured – we would both be too drunk to remember this – so I took my phone out and started recording it.

He fucked her really deep and I could see that he was cumming now, because little drops of cum was coming out from the sides of his cock buried deep in my wifes pussy.


As they were both wiping their cum in her face I could see the expression on her face.

It said: “What dafak are you doing? You filming this!?”


Dear reader: Please write the plot twist in the comments below.

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