My first visit to a fancy restaurant

I have never been to a sushi restaurant before. In fact, I have never even been to a fancy restaurant before. The most fancy I’ve been in my life is the local bistro. I had lied just a bit on my resume and that had given me a great job opportunity. It was a dream job for me, being a purchaser at a major clothes retailer, but now I had a challenge.

For the interview, they had invited me to this popular new restaurant, which was very fancy and way too expensive. When I arrived, I was led to a private room where the two people potentially hiring me were waiting. To my surprise, the food was served on a naked man.


Being at a fancy restaurant in itself was a great opportunity to me, I would never be able to afford this myself, but the real opportunity I wanted, was getting this job! Now I had to look like I belong in a place like this. Not make a fool of myself. That’s why I didn’t react at all, when I saw the food was served on a naked man. I acted like it was pretty normal and gave reactions of approval.

I’m sitting in the middle, slightly tense, but looking like this happens to me all the time. What I had to do now, was mimic whatever the others were doing. That way, even if they did something awkward we would be together about it.

The hiring manager asked me to hold up the penis, while she poured some chocolate on it.


The manager asked her assistant to have a taste of it. “Let’s see if it’s ready” as she said.


The assistant sucked the cock a bit. “Ready yet?” the manager asked. The assistant mumbled something. “Ever had fruit like this before?” the manager then asked me. Not a question I had hoped to get, since I’m a horrible liar, I couldn’t blatantly say yes. On the other hand, since she had to ask, it meant she was not naturally assuming that I had, so I should be able to say no.

“No, actually not” I answered. “Ohh, OK. What my assistant is doing now, is readying it up, so there will be some pre cum on it. It will give the food a naturally salty taste that cannot really be accomplished in any other way”.

“Ahh, interesting” I said. “Ohh, would you like to try?” the manager asked. “Sure” it slipped out of me and I did as the assistant had just done and sucked it a bit.


“I think it’s ready now” I said and pointed to the precum leaking out of it. The assistant wiped it off slightly, put it on her finger and ate a strawberry with it. She put some on a few  other strawberries and handed them to me.

“I just ate, but you shouldn’t hold back” the manager said “how do you like it?” she asked. I had to priase this delicacy, as it apparently was, just as it’s polite to praise an expensive wine, although it doesn’t really taste any better than an inexpensive one. “Yeah, the saltiness is … unique” I said.

“Would you like to do the honors?” the manager said and looked at me. “Uhm …” I said, didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to clearly state that I didn’t understand what she said. “Oh yeah, I forgot you’re not used to this. After dinner, it’s proper to fuck him dry real quick”. I thought about the proposal. Really all I was thinking about at this point was not making a fool of myself. Her assistant had already sucked him off, so it was clear that extremely explicit behavior was acceptable here. So I agreed.


I moved up and down on him, getting encouraging comments from the manager and some grunts from the dude. I could hear his breathing getting more intense, although he wasn’t making much sound and then I could feel something splurting inside of me.

“I can’t believe you pulled it off!” the guy then said, looking at the manager. “Yeah, me neither” the manager said, “apparently all it took was hiring a hooker to act as my assistant and then she was ready to fuck a stranger in a restaurant. The human psyche is truly amazing”.

12 thoughts on “My first visit to a fancy restaurant”

  1. Fantastic use of images, Grinch. This story is one of my favourites.

    Is there a reason the pictures here and on Eroslavia are all in png format rather than jpg?

  2. I just paste the pictures into Windows Live Writer and that app takes care of the rest. I have no control over which format the pictures are in.

  3. It’s all good, png are a better format than jpg anyway, less lossy and fewer artifacts. I Have used png for my files (private and public) exclusively for over 5 years now.

  4. Yeah, I know png is better, it’s just that (unlike a lot of people) I don’t have proper broadband so aside from the longer loading time, they use up my megabyte allowance much quicker.

  5. Aha, I didn’t actually know there was any significant size difference but I see there is. I’ll see if I can edit Live Writer to publish them as jpg then …

  6. Thanks, that would be nice but if it can’t be done, don’t worry about it as like Dragavan said, some people prefer png anyway.

  7. The main reason there can be a great size difference is that PNG doesn’t allow for low quality compression (which is what causes the JPGs to have bad artifacting sometimes). If you make them of comparable quality the PNG is actually much smaller. There is a PNG option to limit it to 256 colors (similar to a GIF) that can make the images much smaller, but it can also cause the same kind of pixilation you see with GIF files.

  8. There you are 🙂 all images on the three blogs converted to jpg – also for future stories. It really loads a lot faster. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Wow! Thanks Grinch! I wasn’t expecting all the older ones to be converted. Thank you very much!

  10. i am 16 years old and i wish to work in this wnderful restaurant and every day savaral beautiful girls suck my erect cock

  11. Good Amir. I’ve alerted your local sushi restaurant of your wishes. Just go there and tell them what you want. They will put you to work immediately.

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