My Wife is Not An Exhibitionist

I want to do a different post today, something a little more personal.

I love my wife, but she does not have the body of most of the women featured on this site. But there is something about her I find very sexy. I think it is the fact that she’s got it and she flaunts it, but she is absolutely not an exhibitionist.


I would call her oblivious.

We live near the beach and we go there a lot. Because we live near the beach, my wife likes to shop for beach wear often. For some reason, everything she wears is sort of sheer. Not quite sheer, but also not quite opaque. Here is a good example from my archive of photos of her.


See what I mean. The bikini top is sort of revealing what’s going on under there, but not much more than that. I guess it doesn’t look like that in the mirror or before it gets wet.

And it’s sort of one thing wearing it at the beach, but then we go to the restaurant, she doesn’t want to put something on over it, because if she puts a shirt on, it will get wet.


Even if we were just at the beach that morning, she ends up walking around in just a bikini top all day. But once you get out of the context of the beach, a bikini top become not that much different from a bra.

image image image image

What goes well with a bikni top? A bikini bottom, of course. Quite frequently she chooses a bikini bottom that is very small. I wouldn’t say too small. It’s totally decent, but she is a little ‘big’ around the waist and maybe then the bottoms she chooses look extra small.


And when she chooses white bikinis as often as she does, it’s just something about it, even if it is not exactly transparent. I can’t put my finger on it, but you can sense the nakedness under the bikini, right? It makes me hot as hell.


But seriously, she is not an exhibitionist. She is just not thinking about it. As I said in the beginning, she is sort of oblivious to it. She just maybe lives in the moment and does not check herself all the time. Perhaps she has more fun like that and I have fun looking at her and also observing all the other guys that check her out. I really like seeing their reaction.

And some times I catch them and wink at them Smile

My favorite time to take pictures is when she is just getting out of the water. I get a picture like this almost every time.


One other thing is after she comes out of the water, she likes to dry off in the sun. I don’t know how she can stand so much sun. But you might have noticed she doesn’t have any tan lines. She doesn’t sun bath in the nude, but she does something that comes close.

She takes her clothes off and puts it on top of her instead while she is sun bathing. It’s quite common to do that and others do it too. I guess she is not really less covered by the clothes being on top of her instead of on her. Still, I wanted to share this photo with you.


Now, I showed you a lot of beach photos and that is also the ones I have most of. But I do have others as well. She is, as I say, oblivious whenever she gets dressed, whether it is for the beach or otherwise.

Here we are on a vacation to Las Vegas and she is wearing a dress she just bought that same evening. We went all around town in that dress and I loved taking pictures of her in front of tourist sights.

image image image

Yeah, so that’s it.

Were you hoping for some hardcore stuff coming up? Well, here you are then, if you must…



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