Photos of my wife

I’m a photographer so I keep a camera on me at all times. One of my favorite things to shoot is candid pictures of my wife.

She is quite Hot and beautiful, she seems to always take a good photo.

She’s the reason I am who I am today. When she started out in modeling she let me practice my photography skills out on her. Since I had made it big time as a photographer, she didn’t do modeling as much anymore, unless it’s for charities or fundraisers.

I always review and edit my pictures either right after a shoot or in this case when I was to get back from vacation.

I started reviewing some of the pictures I had taken on our vacation.

This was a nice picture.


I kept scrolling through the album, looking at my hot wife.


I caught her here changing her top, by accident but I swear she makes it look perfectly staged.

We had such an amazing time while we were in Brazil.

I advertise mostly through Facebook, and I use to have most of pictures sync right up to Facebook, with just one click.

I made the mistake long ago, a few times actually of uploading some erotic pictures of my wife. She was mortified, and a few blogs even got a hold of it.

She had done a few skimpy shoots when she was young, and a few other wild things, but she really wanted to put that behind her, and keep her good image for the charity work she had been doing. image

So Since that slip-up, I had always made sure to be extra careful.

I continued on scrolling through the camera.

Gosh, she was extra hot in this white, we were back at our suite here.


I would take pictures the whole day and only notice in the evening or even days later, that some of the photos were in fact revealing.

I always keep all my photos on a large hard drive, but I only move the “safe” ones to my C drive and then upload to Facebook from there. That way I make sure there are no mistakes like before.

Just to demonstrate how difficult it can be to see, here are two pictures, just 5 seconds apart, where she is walking away.

image image

While the one on the left most people would probably find OK, the one on the right is almost sheer. Very strange how the light plays its part.

Once inside, I caught some other pictures which are definitely not going on Facebook either.



Definitely was not Facebook material, I thought to myself and kept scrolling through the pictures.

Here she just woke up after a nap and her sister had called.

I snapped a picture and didn’t even notice the “detail”. I eventually cropped the top part out and put it on Facebook with the title “Talking to her sister”. A very fitting title, I thought to myself.


“Good news” my wife one day said “For your birthday I got you a professional Dropbox subscription and added your photo drive! So now you no longer have to worry about making backups”

Oh no, did she know what she had done? “Thank you honey” I  said, “And did you add a good password?”

“Oh yes, the best, the one we can both remember well,” she said.

And that’s what I was afraid of, I thought to myself, and what is the password sweetie? I said.

She replied “123456”.

Crap, I said to myself, and hurried to the computer, to log on and make sure the pictures, were secure from hackers.

I saw that it was already synchronized fully. I cut the connection, but the damage had been done. Someone had already hacked my Dropbox account and emailed me a picture.


It was one where my wife was wearing some small panties and a tank top I had in the “not Facebook” category. They wrote in the email, teasing:

Nice pictures you have, really enjoying looking at them.

The Admirer

He sent another me another picture one that I had shot in our backyard. She was wearing a bikini and not the kind you wear at the beach.


A few days later, another email arrived. I first read the text.

“The funny thing to figure out for me is, what should I do with these pictures. Mail them to you. Mail them to your friends. The possibilities are endless.”

The Admirer

And this picture was attached.


I remember that one. She had playfully been aware that I was taking pictures of her in the towel and lifting it, teasing me. She didn’t notice that her tit was exposed.

I didn’t think much of it, as it was on the drive which was not supposed to go anywhere else than stay on my drive.

Another email came a day later. I opened it and read:

What happened here!? 

That was the only text.

It contained two pictures, one of a group photo where my wife and two of our friends were saying goodbye. The first one went on Facebook.


On the second one, while I was taking the picture, my wife decided to move in front of the camera and fix her shoes. Very silly, but a funny picture and I don’t blame the guy for asking.


I decided to respond to him. He was almost like a friend at this point, sharing an interest in my wife. I told the whole story in an email.

The style of the emails changes after this.

Tell your wife, the thought of her fucking a big black cock turns you on, or I’ll post the pictures on your Facebook.

I knew he couldn’t do that, but then he could do something else equally destructive. I couldn’t let my wife know that I had lost the pictures to this guy, so I did say exactly as he said that evening.

She giggled “Whoa, ha! You’re crazy” and that was about it, but it seemed like the idea lingered.

I did notice she was watching a movie with Idris Elba the next day and was she even breathing a bit heavy?

I got another email

Invite her on a date and come to this address

The email elaborated the instructions and said this would give a chance to get the photos deleted but I had to do as he said.


We went to one of those erotic shops. My wife was curious. “What are we going to get here?

We went around to the back room

We went into the room, and she seemed quite turned on by the mystery of it all, she playfully said, “You want me to strip for you dirty boy?”


She sat down and started stripping, then she saw the hole in the wall.

“The Gloryhole.”

“Ahh, is that your idea?” she asked “Are you going to go on the other side and stick your dick in here?”

“Not exactly I said”

And just then, a black cock came through the wall.


“Uhh, whoa, what’s that?”

I did as agreed in the emails and told her how it turned me on if she would suck this cock right in front of me. It was either that, sucking a cock here, privately – or all her pictures were going to get spread on the internet.

I was doing what I thought was best for my wife.

“Are you serious? Really?” she said and said that if that is what I really wanted, she was going to oblige me.


She took the huge black dick in her small hands and sucked it slowly, inspecting it, even seemed like she liked it after a while.

After some time passed I told her as agreed by email, that I wanted her to take her shorts and panties off and play with herself.


I secretly took a picture of this as agreed on email, as proof to the guy that I had followed his instructions and it was indeed my wife on the other side of the wall.

Eventually, the guy came on her chest and she also masturbated herself to an orgasm. I fucked her hard soon afterward and I must admit, it was some of the best sex we’ve ever had.

Quite the foreplay.

We went home that evening, hand and hand.

I sent the picture to the email guy and asked whether he enjoyed it and whether he had deleted the photos yet.

I wasn’t there, I just knew there would be someone there. I hope you guys had a fun time. I promise I will give you a chance to get your pictures back. But first I want a chance at fucking your wife. I think she would be into it now.

The email went on in some detail about how we were going to do it.

I set it up for the next day. I went out and got her some new lingerie and had her put it on in bed.


She came in looking so sexy and hot in the new black lingerie, I had gotten her.

She Kissed me and said, ” so you said you and a surprise for me?”

I then showed in the guy who had gently knocked about 10 minutes earlier. I introduced the two, and after a few minutes he pulled his dick out. Then I told my wife it would be really hot if she would suck his dick.


She had already gotten some practice in from the Gloryhole and didn’t hesitate much, now that she “knew” about my special interest in this – that the email guy had made me say. I assumed this was the email guy, although I wasn’t still sure.

This time it wasn’t going to be enough to just suck a cock, she had to fuck him too. She hesitated, probably thinking about what I would think, and if I would get upset.

I gave her the ok, and he didn’t waste time stuffing my wife’s poor little pussy. She moaned as his big dick slid in and out her.

She was really wet, and I was getting really turned on watching her.


He fucked her for a good 10 minutes before he started moaning and showed her the courtesy of cumming in her mouth instead of her pussy.


I emailed the guy right after, asking about the pictures, but I didn’t hear anything back.

I was starting to get mixed feelings about the situation. Maybe this was finally over now. Or maybe it meant it wasn’t over.

I was right it wasn’t over. I got another email saying:

I kept the pictures, but if you can get her to do just one more ‘job’ for me, then it’s the last one and I will delete all your pictures. I promise. See, I haven’t said that before, so you can assume it’s for real.

He explained the whole setup and we found ourselves in a small basement with a stripper pole, my wife in a bikini and about 7 guys standing around with their dicks in their hands. 8 if you count me.


It was clear that this was exciting for my wife, she was enjoying it, but maybe it was getting to be a bit much. Especially when they took her top off and started groping her breasts.

“Will this satisfy you honey?” she asked me. I nodded and knew I was doing the best I could to protect her from her pictures getting distributed.


They stroked their dicks and started playing with her pussy.

Soon her clothes were off, and they were inspecting her pussy.

She looked back at me and asked if I liked it, I ensured her I did, and she continued.


They all crowded their dicks in her face, and she sucked two of them off at a time.

I was getting pretty turned on watching her take on so many cocks, she looked professional. We were gonna have a good time for sure when we got home.


One of them started cumming in her mouth and she continued onto, the next one. It seemed she had a lot of practice now and she got them cumming one after one, they couldn’t even stop or prevent it.

She had the two last one’s cum right in her face and then she turned to me and smiled – almost proud!


She was all over me on the car ride home, I fucked her pretty good that night.

The next day I got up to check my emails and there was the email I had been waiting on, it was him;

“Your wife was amazing, you kept up your end, so I will keep up with mine, I deleted them. But If you guys ever need a buddy over, I will definitely be interested.”

I chuckled and thought to myself hey maybe I will.

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