Pokies in the Wild

Previously we had many user contributed stories with photos, primarily of wives and girlfriends, who of course had not objected to their photos being shared. In some cases, perhaps because they were unaware. We cannot be sure.

This time is similar but different. We received many photos over the years of “pokies” – that is, wives or girlfriends going braless. This fell outside any category, but I think we reached critical mass now and can share those with you.

And be warned that this may be slightly tame compared to what you are used to from this site.

My girlfriend often goes without a bra, especially when she needs to be comfortable, like when going on a plane. In this case, it was for a little hike and she was quite oblivious to the fact that the sweat made her shirt quite sheer.
My girlfriend never wears a bra with this shirt, as it is black, but you can clearly see that she is going braless. I find it quite erotic.
My wife since 20 years ago, likes to give me a little appetite when we go out for dinner. And I don’t mean appetite for food.

Here is another photo of a girlfriend who is seen in a dinner situation without a bra. The photo came without a caption from the sender.

This guy sent 4 photos of his girlfriend to underline a point.

My girlfriend never wears a bra. As in: Never. Here we are in IKEA.
And here we are in a bar. She got a lot of guys randomly walking buy, giving her glances. She doesn’t mind, maybe because of the free drinks she gets.

There are some more photos submitted, where it is not just a matter of “pokies”, but a bit more than that.

When we are driving to the summer house, my wife usually does not bother to wear a bra as we will not be going out. I like to anyway ask her to pick up something at the gas station or come up with some other excuse. By then she has forgotten all about going braless.
My girlfriend doesn’t wear a bra at home. Even if we have guests. Some times I catch them looking but they make sure she never sees it. I wonder if she is aware of it or not.
My wife is of the opinion that you should not wear a bra with most dresses and I think she is right. It does result in a fair amount of wardrobe malfunctions though and some times I am lucky to catch one on my camera phone.
My girlfriend is under the impression that when you wear something dark, you do not need to wear a bra. In the case of her sweater, that is not entirely true.

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